Ed – Now Rehomed

This is Ed.
Ed is around 14 weeks old lively, playful and loving .
This poor boy has been passed from pillar to post for weeks so very soon we hope he can find his furever home.



This is Harvey.
Harvey is critically ill and keeps slipping in and out of consciousness.
Harvey was taken to Bradford vets4pets this morning from a lady who had found him in her garden yesterday evening. We think he is perhaps 6 weeks of age, very dehydrated and as you can see extremely unwell.

His temperature this morning was so low, the thermometer could not read it.

He has had emergency treatment and fluids at the vets but his outcome is guarded.

He is so poorly the vets could not even place an intravenous catheter.
He will be nursed constantly throughout the night.


Harvey Update

Many of you will have read about Harvey our new admission that came in last night.
This little kitten was so poorly on admisson that we actually did not expect him to make it through the night.
Harvey have collapsed several times throughout the night, his body temperature dropped to the point it could not be read and emergency care fluids and pain relief has been given all night.
At 4.30am Harvey turned a corner ... and just look at him now...



This is Gala
She arrived with her 5 five week old kittens.
Mum has been stray for over 2 years and when she became pregnant some one took her in.
We bumped into the finder a few weeks ago at the vets, when we provided advice for her to keep mum and kittens safe until we had a suitable space.



This is Delores
Poor Delores is around 9 weeks old and was found wandering the streets in LS7.
Her finder searched for mum and siblings to no avail.
Delores has mild flu symptoms but more worryingly... she is riddled with fleas.
We have now treated her for the flea infestation however we cannot say how badly this may affect her.
The flea treatment is specially prescribed medication suitable for very young kittens.
This is only available from a vet.
We are seeing more and more cases of cats and kittens with terrible flea infestations.
Flea anaemia doesn't just mean your cat is low on iron. It's a serious condition in which fleas have drained so much blood that their body is unable to function normally. It's especially common in very young and elderly animals who aren't strong enough to tolerate rapid blood loss.
Flea anaemia can be fatal, so treatment should be prompt.
A cat flea anaemia will need intensive supportive care and medication.
Blood transfusions are not an easy option in a cat as the blood must be cross matched once potential donors have been found.
Not all vets are able to do blood transfusions in the UK .
It is vitally important that you regularly treat your cat for fleas using a veterinary prescribed product.
Treatments bought from supermarkets and over the counter are not as effective.
Seek veterinary treatment for your CAT if you suspect he has flea anaemia. It can be fatal if not treated, and the sooner treatment begins the better chance your cat has for a full recovery.

Miss Bradford

Miss Bradford

This is beautiful Miss Bradford.
Miss Bradford was an owned pet of a very irresponsible owner and luckily a family member intervened.
Miss Bradford is only around 4 to 5 years old and is pregnant.

It is believed this is at least her 7th litter.

I would hope that every one of you reading this will acknowledge the kindness and actions of the relative rather than berating the owner.

In an ideal world we wouldn't be full of abandoned, abused and pregnant cats.. however we do not live in an ideal world.. we live in this world.
Little Miss Bradford will not have any more kittens and she will no longer be exploited as a money making breeding machine.


Arriva – Now Rehomed

This is Arriva.
Arriva is around 12 to 14 weeks old and a bus driver had to literally stop get out and recover him from the middle of a busy road... thankfully he just missed him.

Though a little bewildered, underweight and bearing a few fleas Arriva is in relatively good condition.
We hope soon Arriva will be available for rehoming.

Fanny Bean

Fanny Bean

This is Fanny. She is very elderly, around 20 years old and was handed on as a member of the public saw her in a park being taunted by dogs... and wasn't reacting.
Since she was taken into Bramley vets4pets several weeks ago they have attempted to find her owner and loved and looked after her.
It is evident that Fanny is deaf and blind... and is called Fanny after Fanny Crosby, a poet who also had vision and hearing problems.

Fanny will be cared for under our SENSE scheme.

When working with kitties like Fanny with extra special needs we work within our SENSE framework
We take into account all their individual needs in order to achieve:-

We believe that in providing these 5 elements of care to our cats with extra special needs, that their quality of life will be the best it possibly can be.

IF you would like to sponsor Fanny or one of our other SENSE kitties please contact us.

little bundle

Little Bundle

This little bundle are around 7 weeks old.. the are a little small for their age and mum has no milk and they also have mild flu symptoms ... because of this we felt we could provide the kittens with a high calorie diet and monitor their body weight and condition and treat the symptoms.
Their mum was kindly taken in pregnant by a member of the public however they are unable to keep the kittens.
Sensibly they contacted us a few weeks ago to see if we could help when the kittens got older.
Mum has been neutered today and will go home tomorrow.
The kittens are not currently looking for new homes.



This is Ivor.
Ivor is around 8 weeks old and was found stuck in a car engine in BD2.
Ivor is very dirty, frightened and has possible injuries to one of his legs.
Ivor will be fully assessed by the vets and will hopefully soon be looking for his furever home.
All cats and kittens now come with 5 weeks free insurance.



This is Oprah.
Oprah is a lovely young little girl, around 4 to 5 month old.
She has several minor wounds consistent with bites, was covered in fleas and a little timid.... She was also extremely hungry too.
We believe she was an unwanted pet that has been attacked by the family dog.
Once Oprah is over her ordeal she will be neutered and then will hopefully find her furever home where she can be loved forever.

All cats and kittens now come with 5 weeks free insurance.



This is Slinky
Slinky is around 10 months old and was living stray in the Undercliffe area of Bradford.
Sadly she is heavily pregnant and the only comfort we can take from this is that she is safe now and this will certainly be her last litter

Mr Tips

Mr Tips – Now Rehomed

This is Mr Tipps.
He is around 1 to 2 years old.
Mr Tipps was found following a minor road traffic incident in Bd2.
He sustained no real injuries however he is extremely frightened.
He was taken by a member of the public to Eccleshill Vets4pets who checked him over, put him on fluids for shock and pain relief was given.
Once he was stabilised the vets neutered Mr Tipps.
We are hoping that Mr Tipps will very soon find a loving home where he will learn that all humans are not terrible.



This is Ameena.

Ameena was found under a car in a box in a carpark at a hospital in Leeds.
The area was searched however there is no sight of mum or siblings.... and given they way she was found it is presumed that she was intentionally left there.
Ameena is only around 5 to 6 weeks old and has a heavy flea and worm infestation.
We will treat her for fleas in the next hour when she is dry.
Ameena will need lots of love and TLC from the volunteers at the rescue and it will be a while until she is considered for rehoming.

Car Kittens

Peugeot, Fiesta and Renault – Now Rehomed

This is Peugeot, Fiesta and Renault.
This tittle trio were dumped @ Enterprise 5 Retail carpark just outside Pets At Home.
The owners left them in a box with a note attached... they are clearly having personal difficulties.
Apart from being a little scared the kittens appear relatively well and will soon be looking for new homes.

Summer and kittens

Summer and Kittens

This is Summer and her Kittens
We were contacted by the police to help with this pair of kitties as their owner is experiencing severe long term difficulties and is not in a position to care for them.
Summer is around 9 months old and we believe she is pregnant ...


Summer gave birth to two kittens and is a fantastic mum

Wacky and Kittens

Wacky and Kittens

Thank goodness our volunteers are relentless and tenacious... finally after the 3rd visit of the day to a (filthy) warehouse in Bradford we have successfully rescued Wacky, and kittens Sierra and Leonie, rescued earlier in the day and have just reunited them.
Wacky is a little "bat crazy" however she does seem relieved to be back with her babies.


Flush – Now Rehomed

This is Flush and her 3 kittens that are around 2 weeks old.
Flush ran into a property a few weeks ago and took up residence in the bathroom under the floorboards.
She was heavily pregnant when she snuck in and made herself at home underneath the toilet.
Volunteers were contacted by the tenants and once authorisation had been sought to lift the floor boards we were able to go in and attempt to locate and remove mum and kittens.
Mum and kittens were riddled with fleas, the fleas suck the blood of the cats and kittens .... causing fatal anaemia and as a result all her kittens sadly passed away.
Flush has since been neutered and is looking for her furever family.

Brandy and kits

Brandy and Kittens

This is Brandy and her kittens.

Brandy was living in unsuitable uninhabitable conditions.

Brandy and her 4 week old kittens are the first little family of many in the near future to be rescued from a property.

Over the next couple of days we will be visiting the property to assess the full extent of the problems which include over 30 cats and kittens, interrelational breeding, flea and parasite infestation and overcrowding.
We hope to triage all the cats living there and prioritise admissions.
When visiting the property we are aware that the people involved are suffering mental and physical illness, we are sympathetic to their situation and they will be great with dignity and respect.

Our priority is to help the cats and help break the cycles of breeding and subsequent neglect.



This is Brambles.

Brambles is around 4 to 5 weeks old and was found by teenagers in prickles on scrubland in BD5 .

The area has been searched and there is no evidence of mum or siblings nearby.
Little Brambles has injuries consistent with a dog attack and suggestion of head injury too....possibly from being shaken.

Here at BCWR we are fortunate to work in association with various individual vets and there is always one of the vets to call upon for advice.

Emergency care is currently being given including fluid therapy for dehydration, glucose as she is very pale, pain relief, antibiotics and the numerous wounds are being cleaned.

We will be nursing Brambles throughout the night and monitoring her.

We hope that her neurological symptoms will be transient and only temporary.



This is MacPherson....Mac for short.
Mac has been living happily stray for over 10 years in a retirement village in Harrogate.
He is chipped however extensive research to find his owner is to no avail.... his owner has possibly passed away many years ago.
We believe from information from the microchip that Mac is around 17 years old.
He was taken to Harrogate Vets4Pets by a concerned resident due to his deteriorating health.
It is believed that Mac has several age related and neurological complications including bladder issues, no sensation in his tail, poor anal tone, pupil disparity, mobility issues, infection and possible brain damage.
Whilst this is a lot for an elderly cat to deal with we feel we can offer him the nursing care he needs which will promote good quality and function in his life.
Blood tests suggest that his kidneys are working well however we have just done a urine test which suggests a UTI and the specific gravity is high... so we need to encourage more fluid intake.
Following initial assessments we hope that Mac can live out his senior years in the family home of BCWR.

spring clean kits

Spring Clean Kittens – Now Rehomed

These 8 kitties are just 8 out of about 40 cats and kittens living in uninhabitable conditions... volunteers from BCWR are working in partnership with the owners, social services and the RSPCA to stop the cycle of breeding in this property whilst taking into account the emotional well being of the people involved.
We are aware of the mental health, social and physical difficulties of the owner and together we hope to make things easier not only for the cats but also the owner too.
We have arranged, facilitated and ensured the neutering of all the adults.... thank you Pudsey Vets 4 pets for your support in this.



This is Boo.
Boo was a "looked after" stray cat in BD4.
2 years ago we were involved in trapping, neutering and releasing Boo to the area she had always known.
It was believed that Boo was being cared for by several residents in the area.

Tonight we were contacted by her main feeder who was concerned for Boos health and that she was not eating.

We arranged to pop over and assess Boo immediately.... on arrival we were so shocked.
Boo was emaciated, weighing less than 2kg, severely dehydrated, riddled with fleas causing anaemia and partially collapsed.
We are fortunate to work with several vets including Emma Barnes at Home Comforts vets.
We contacted Emma who agreed to see her.
Within 10 minutes of arriving with Emma Boo was assessed, bloods taken and on life saving intravenous fluids.

BOO is now back at the rescue being nursed by the volunteers.
She is critically ill.
She may not survive the next few hours.
Until we receive the blood results on Monday we will not have a definitive diagnosis however poisoning is high on the list of possibilities.
I just want to say a huge thank you to Emma for your care and compassion once again, and of course the volunteers who together make a difference especially Terry... who provides much support including logistics, transport and makes a fantastic drip stand too!!.


Rasin – Now Rehomed

This is Rasin.
Rasin is around 5 years old and had been an inpatient at Northcote vets for several weeks now.
Rasin was taken to the vets as he was found stray and injured.
Rasin had several xrays and examinations which all pointed to his disfigured leg and limp being that of a horrendous old fracture.
As Rasin has learnt to cope with his impeaded gait, is in no pain and functions perfectly well, the vets decided that it was not in his best interests to have surgery.
The staff at northcote have been brilliant... especially the nurses who have often looked after him on their days off, evenings and weekends.
It is hoped that little Rasin will very soon find his Purrfect and furever indoor home.

Fatima and Kittens

Fatima and Kittens

This is Fatima and her little family.
The kittens are around 6 weeks old.

Fatima was found heavily pregnant by a member of the public and he committed to looking after them til we had a suitable space.
In a few week Fatima will be neutered and then mum and kittens will be looking for a new home.


Macey – Now Rehomed

This is 9 year old Macey and due to difficult circumstances Maceys family were no longer able to look after her.
Macey is a timid cat and it is evident over the last few weeks she has suffered neglect and abuse.
We hope with an understanding and patient home that Macey will soon learn to trust again.

Dorothy and Toto

Dorothy and Toto

This is Dorothy and Toto ... who were dumped in a pet store over the weekend.
The store rang us for help.
Unfortunately mum has a nasty infection on her paw and also they both have cat flu symptoms.
They have both started treatment for their symptoms .


Dust – Now Rehomed

This is Dust.
Dust is only around 5 weeks old and was found being thrown around the street by children.
Someone stopped and asked the children what they were doing and they ran off leaving the kitten.
The kitten seems to be in distress so we will be closely monitoring her.
Dust is not currently being considered for rehoming


Evan – Now Rehomed

This is Evan.
She is a sweet, young female and has been living stray in the BD2 area for several weeks now.
Evan will be taken to the vets to see if she needs neutering then hopefully soon she can find her new loving home.

Judi and Kittens

Judi and Kittens

This is Judi and her 5 little kittens.

Due to personal circumstances these kittens and their mum were brought to us .
The kittens are around 3 weeks old.



This is Frazzles.
Frazzles and her 2 newborn kittens were found in a garden in BD7.

Branston and Pickle

Branston and Pickle – Now Rehomed

This is Branston and Pickle.
They are only around 7 weeks and and are the product of an unwanted litter.
Mum has been booked in for neutering.
This pair will hopefully be available for rehoming in a few weeks.


Elton – Now Rehomed

Elton presented at Bradford vets4pets on Thornton Road with what was initially thought to be a prolapsed bowel and an injury to his abdomen.
He was covered in diarrhoea and pus despite his kind finders cleaning him up and feeding him.
It was discovered that the suspected prolapsed bowel is in fact a prolapsed mass/tumour. This mass is causing a blockage of the anus and is infected.
The abdominal injury is an infected hole in the umbilicus. There is every possibility this kitten could develop peritonitis from such a nasty infected hole.

Little Elton is not out of the woods by a long shot as the mass needs to be investigated and removed and this delicate operation could damage the anal sphincter muscle or any of the delicate structures in that area leading to faecal incontinence.
The abdominal tear could involve the abdominal contents and lead to peritonitis. Plus the infection could very well overwhelm him before that.

For little Elton Saturday night is not alright for fighting.



This is little TuPac... this poor old boy has been in Tweed House Vets for 3 weeks following being taken in as a stray....
Not only this he have to contend with being elderly and stray ... but TuPac is also blind.
TuPac will be a long term resident @BCWR under the SENSE Scheme. (Sensory, Enriching, Nurturing, Stimulating Environment.


Gulliver – Now Rehomed

This is Gulliver.
Gulliver has a serious limb injury and possible pelvic damage too.
The cause of his injuries are unknown however it is likely to be a dog attack but we cannot rule out an RTA
Gulliver will be nursed overnight then assessed at the vets.. when any necessary surgery will be done.

Gulliver update

We were contacted by a vets practice yesterday regarding Gulliver who was taken in to the vets as an alleged stray.
Gulliver presented with inability to weight bear on his hind left leg.
The vet at the practice where he was handed into thoroughly examined Gulliver who discovered that his stifle was shattered and not viable.
The prognosis was not good and the only course of treatment was amputation. The vet stated if a rescue was unable to take him then he would be euthanasied.
Gulliver arrived with us...thankfully.
Gulliver has spent the day up at Northcote vets having x-rays, further examinations and was neutered.
The x-ray showed far from a shattered stifle... in fact there is no injury what so ever to any bones.
The injury is thought to be due to nerve damage possibly resulting from a trap injury.
Whilst this is very positive this is where the hard work begins now as Gulliver will require intensive physio.


Gulliver xray1 gulliver xray2



This is Lotus.... who was also living with Yen and her kittens.
Lotus is heavily pregnant to the point of popping.
This poor cat was owned however lived outside as her owner believed she enjoyed her freedom.
At least now lotus can relax in the latter stage of her pregnancy and know she is safe.

Lotus update.
As many of you will have read Lotus arrived with us only 72 hours ago heavily pregnant.
Her owner believed she was happy living outside and had freedom to do what she wanted.
We explained the dangers of her being outside and he agreed to sign her over into our care as his family were not prepared to have her in the home.

THANK GOODNESS she came when she did.

Lotus went into labour in the early hours of Friday morning... around 2am.
After several hours kitty number one was eventually born... following a struggle .... closely followed by kitty number 2.
Mum had little interest in them from the outset.
Following a brief examination it was evident there were more kittens to follow.
Kitty 3 was huge .. however she was exhausted and struggle to pass her... after a little time and hot compresses kitty 3 arrived.. still born.... no amount of resuscitation could bring life into this little being....

The birth process continued and the same scenario happened with kitty 4... again resuscitation failed.
At this point we were over 24 hours into labour ... however this is not uncommon.

Finally at 7.30am this morning kitty number 5 began to emerge.... however she simply could not pass this kitten.. her vulva was so stretched ... she was in so much pain and was tired.

Poor lotus had given up.
We spoke with one of our vets who advised pain relief then to attempt to remove the kitten.
The kitten was enormous...no wonder she was exhausted and in pain... 268grams.... and sadly stillborn.

This kitten smelt unpleasant and it was clearly evident that
infection was setting in.

Again this morning, we sought veterinary advice.... Lotus was started on antibiotics immediately.

In amidst all the chaos of her labour we also had to encourage her to feed he live kittens too.

Finally this evening Lotus seems content with looking after her kittens.

So next time someone says... let am have one litter etc.... tell them about Lotus.

If Lotus had given birth outside she would of certainly suffered .... and most probably died.

Lotus & kittens

Chinese Kittens

Chinese Kittens

Many of you will have read about Yen... the poor girl with a broken leg... well these are her kittens Chow, Chopstick, Chen and Chung.
They're only around 6 weeks old and all with minor cat flu symptoms.
Whilst they are all undergoing treatment they will not be considered for rehoming.

Yens 2 remaining kittens have now been caught and brought to the rescue tonight.
Chang and Ching have now joined their siblings.

Chang and Ching



This is Yen
Volunteers @BCWR were initially called regarding a stray kitten however this soon developed into a much more serious situation.
Tonight we rescued 4 kittens around 6 weeks old... with flu symptoms and this is their mum... who has a horrific open fracture of the leg.
Emergency care and pain relief has been given and we will be at our vets 1st thing in the morning.
We also collected a heavily pregnant cat from the location too.

yen leg 1 yen leg 2

Yen update

Yen has now been admitted to the vets following a long night of pain relief and supportive care from volunteers @BCWR.
Yen was assessed by our vets at 8.30am this morning and as expected the only treatment that can be offered is amputation.
Not only is the fracture so severe, the bone is terribly infected too.
We expect she will require intensive nursing and intravenous fluids and medication when she returns to the rescue.

Yen update.

Volunteers collected Yen from her long day at the vets.
As you can see the open fracture was horrific and the only surgical option was amputation.
The level of infection in the bone was so high and it is a wonder how she has survived.
Yen is now on intravenous fluids and medication to give her the best recovery possible.
Yen Will be nursed and constantly monitored here at BCWR.
In addition to the care commitment required this kitty has dented our funds some what and has indeed cost us over £700.

yen leg 3 yen leg 4



This is Mayo
He is approximately 9 weeks old and was found by a member of the public in BD5.

The MOP took Mayo to the PDSA however they were offered no help, advice, signposting or support despite Mayo having a sore eye and being full of fleas.

By chance one of our volunteers was in the waiting area dealing with family members cat and offered to help.

Worryingly the credentials of the volunteer were not checked and indeed potentially this kitten could have been handed to ANYONE in the reception of the clinic.
Thanks to the caring volunteer Mayo is now safe here at the rescue receiving the care he needs and deserves.


Lipsy – Now Rehomed

This is Lipsy.
This little lady is only 8 to 9 weeks old and following an initial assessment has injuries consistent with being kicked.
She was found in a bush in Bradford and is now safe at the rescue.
Lipsy had emergency treatment and is now fully recovered from her ordeal.


Primrose – Now Rehomed

This is little Primrose.
Primrose is an unwanted pet and although the owner believed her to be 9 weeks ... she is only currently around 6 weeks old.
Primrose has a terribly heavy worm burden, has fleas and also a little anaemic.
Primrose is not currently looking for a new home.



This is Moo and her kittens Angus, Dexter, Jersey and Galloway.
This little family have all been affected by cat flu and are alleged strays.
The worse news is that mum is pregnant again.
Both mum and kittens will be nursed in isolation until the kittens are well enough the be re homed and mum can return to have her kitties in the safety of the rescue.
All are currently under treatment.

Moo kittens

Tree Kittens

Tree Kittens

This is Blossom, Bud, Leafy and Trunks.
These kittens are the product of an unwanted litter and we were told that if we did not take them they would be thrown out due to a family dispute as one of the kittens apparently scratched a child!!
Thankfully mum has been neutered and they were unwilling to part with mum.

They are only around 6 weeks old so will remain in the rescue until they are old and well enough to be rehomed.

Uni Kittens

University Kittens – Now Rehomed

These 5 kitties were found on campus near Bradford university.
They are around 8 to 9 weeks old.
We have named them, Fresher, Bachelor, Doctor, Honour, and Master.
They will be assessed in the next few days and hopefully available for rehoming very soon .

Kendrix and Rubix

Kendrix and Rubix – Now Rehomed

This is Kendrix and Rubix.
This little pair were saved from the fate of a Facebook ad.
They are only around 7 weeks old and will remain in the rescue until they are old enough and ready to be rehomed.
All our cats and kittens are now rehomed with 5 weeks free insurance.

Tattie and Teddy

Tattie and Teddy – Now Rehomed

This is Tattie and Teddy.
This pair are the product of an unwanted litter and are now 12 to 14 weeks old.
The other cats in the household have now been neutered.

Alongside collecting the kittens we also took a food parcel from TOPPLES TRUST to help the owner feed her other 3 cats as sadly she had recently been burgled and did not have money to buy cat food.
TOPPLE is known and loved for his big personality and even bigger heart.

Topples Trust’s primary objective is to respect and preserve the relationship between owners and their cats.
We hope work in partnership with owners to overcome any difficulties that might arise.

T.T. established to provide help when any aspect of care for an owned cat poses a problem - for example, providing cat food or seeking vet care for a cat during an owners period of adversity.


Mayflower – Now Rehomed

Many of you will have read about our new admission Mayhem, rescued by officers from West Yorkshire Police... well they have managed to seize kitty number 2.
This is Mayflower... her physical health is much worse than Mayhem.
Mayflower is riddled with fleas, has a heavy worm burden and various crawlies all over her.
Her skin is red raw and she is dehydrated too.
She has had a therapeutic bath and flea treatment. Volunteers will monitor her condition closely over the next 24 hours.

Pompom pap


Little old Pompom came into the rescue at the end of August 2016 having been living rough in the Heaton area of Bradford.
Pompom settled into rescue life and loved everyone she met. She had a special place in many peoples hearts, non more so than the volunteers at BCWR who loved her beautiful face and adorable personality.
Pompom passed away very suddenly on the 6th May 2017, and will be missed by many.

Rest In Peace Pompom

May Hem

May Hem

New arrival tonight @BCWR this is May-hem.
Here at BCWR we consider ourselves unshockable however tonight our shock boundaries have been rocked.
The living conditions we have just witnessed were the worse we have ever seen... and we have seen some terrible things.
We were contacted by officers from West Yorkshire Police who have been involved with an investigation involving an owner of 3 cats.
Whilst the investigation was not in anyway linked to the cats, the cats desperately needed help..
One of the cats ran off outside, one of he cats is inside somewhere in the property buried literally under at least 6 foot of rubbish including faeces.
The officers could barely open the door to the house and squeeze in then had to climb on all the rubbish to get around the property.
Whilst May-hem is now safe here at the rescue there are serious welfare concerns for the other two.
We are continuing to work with the police to try help the kitties and may I just highlight that I cannot praise the officers enough for their commitment, compassion and kindness in trying to help the cats.


Emily – Now Rehomed

This Is little Emily
Emily is 6 to 7 weeks old and was handed to a child in the street as she was unwanted by the owner.
The parents of the child contacted us to see if we can help.
We hope to establish the origins of Emily, identify an address seek if Emily has any siblings and offer information and help with neutering mum.
Until we receive the information we cannot help in any other way.

Emily will be looked after in the rescue for 2 to 3 week then, only when she is old enough will she be looking for her forever home.