This is 12 month old Nina.
Nina came into the rescue because she is a little excitable and has scratched a young child in her family home therefore they feel unable to look after her..
Unfortunately Nina is also heavily pregnant too.



This is little Primrose.
Primrose is an unwanted pet and although the owner believed her to be 9 weeks ... she is only currently around 6 weeks old.
Primrose has a terribly heavy worm burden, has fleas and also a little anaemic.
Primrose is not currently looking for a new home.


Moo and Kittens

This is Moo and her kittens Angus, Dexter, Jersey and Galloway.
This little family have all been affected by cat flu and are alleged strays.
The worse news is that mum is pregnant again.
Both mum and kittens will be nursed in isolation until the kittens are well enough the be re homed and mum can return to have her kitties in the safety of the rescue.
All are currently under treatment.

Moo kittens

Tree Kittens

Tree Kittens

This is Blossom, Bud, Leafy and Trunks.
These kittens are the product of an unwanted litter and we were told that if we did not take them they would be thrown out due to a family dispute as one of the kittens apparently scratched a child!!
Thankfully mum has been neutered and they were unwilling to part with mum.

They are only around 6 weeks old so will remain in the rescue until they are old and well enough to be rehomed.

Uni Kittens

University Kittens

These 5 kitties were found on campus near Bradford university.
They are around 8 to 9 weeks old.
We have named them, Fresher, Bachelor, Doctor, Honour, and Master.
They will be assessed in the next few days and hopefully available for rehoming very soon .

Kendrix and Rubix

Kendrix and Rubix

This is Kendrix and Rubix.
This little pair were saved from the fate of a Facebook ad.
They are only around 7 weeks old and will remain in the rescue until they are old enough and ready to be rehomed.
All our cats and kittens are now rehomed with 5 weeks free insurance.

Tattie and Teddy

Tattie and Teddy – Now Rehomed

This is Tattie and Teddy.
This pair are the product of an unwanted litter and are now 12 to 14 weeks old.
The other cats in the household have now been neutered.

Alongside collecting the kittens we also took a food parcel from TOPPLES TRUST to help the owner feed her other 3 cats as sadly she had recently been burgled and did not have money to buy cat food.
TOPPLE is known and loved for his big personality and even bigger heart.

Topples Trust’s primary objective is to respect and preserve the relationship between owners and their cats.
We hope work in partnership with owners to overcome any difficulties that might arise.

T.T. established to provide help when any aspect of care for an owned cat poses a problem - for example, providing cat food or seeking vet care for a cat during an owners period of adversity.



Many of you will have read about our new admission Mayhem, rescued by officers from West Yorkshire Police... well they have managed to seize kitty number 2.
This is Mayflower... her physical health is much worse than Mayhem.
Mayflower is riddled with fleas, has a heavy worm burden and various crawlies all over her.
Her skin is red raw and she is dehydrated too.
She has had a therapeutic bath and flea treatment. Volunteers will monitor her condition closely over the next 24 hours.

Pompom pap


Little old Pompom came into the rescue at the end of August 2016 having been living rough in the Heaton area of Bradford.
Pompom settled into rescue life and loved everyone she met. She had a special place in many peoples hearts, non more so than the volunteers at BCWR who loved her beautiful face and adorable personality.
Pompom passed away very suddenly on the 6th May 2017, and will be missed by many.

Rest In Peace Pompom

May Hem

May Hem

New arrival tonight @BCWR this is May-hem.
Here at BCWR we consider ourselves unshockable however tonight our shock boundaries have been rocked.
The living conditions we have just witnessed were the worse we have ever seen... and we have seen some terrible things.
We were contacted by officers from West Yorkshire Police who have been involved with an investigation involving an owner of 3 cats.
Whilst the investigation was not in anyway linked to the cats, the cats desperately needed help..
One of the cats ran off outside, one of he cats is inside somewhere in the property buried literally under at least 6 foot of rubbish including faeces.
The officers could barely open the door to the house and squeeze in then had to climb on all the rubbish to get around the property.
Whilst May-hem is now safe here at the rescue there are serious welfare concerns for the other two.
We are continuing to work with the police to try help the kitties and may I just highlight that I cannot praise the officers enough for their commitment, compassion and kindness in trying to help the cats.


Emily – Now Rehomed

This Is little Emily
Emily is 6 to 7 weeks old and was handed to a child in the street as she was unwanted by the owner.
The parents of the child contacted us to see if we can help.
We hope to establish the origins of Emily, identify an address seek if Emily has any siblings and offer information and help with neutering mum.
Until we receive the information we cannot help in any other way.

Emily will be looked after in the rescue for 2 to 3 week then, only when she is old enough will she be looking for her forever home.


Hula and Kittens

This is Hula and her 3 kittens who are just under a week old.
Hula was living stray in an elderly lady's garden when she gave birth to 3 kittens.
When the kittens are much older they and their mum will be looking for new homes.
Until then they will be looked after in foster care.


Sundae, Raspberry and Ripple

This Is Sundae and her 2 kittens literally hours old, Raspberry and Ripple.
Sundae was taken into Vets 4 Pets at Thornton road as a stray presenting with watery discharge from her "front bottom" and reported her being found in the road with a dead kitten next to her..
The vets performed an emergency conscious x-ray detailing 2 little skeletons... at this point we were not sure if they were alive.
Emergency care was given and shortly after Raspberry was born... he us quite a big lad and was possibly stuck in the birth canal for some time.
After another couple of hours Ripple emerged however it was soon established that Ripple has significant musculoskeletal deformities especially on his back legs.
Now back at the rescue mum is settled and the kittens are feeding well.


Miguel – Now Rehomed

Poor Miguel was taken to Northcote vets for neutering around 6 weeks ago under the cats protection neuter scheme.
Unfortunately his finder was not kind to him and abandoned him at the vets.
Miguel has over come several minor health problems and is now looking for a new home.
He is around 2 to 3 years old and adorable.



Whilst everyone likes to think that all kitty birthing stories are full of happiness, congratulations and celebration I can assure you 1st hand that this is not the case in many cases.
This is little Elle.
Elle came into the rescue at around 7 months old heavily pregnant.
She had been living stray in the Manningham area of Bradford.
Elle, in a short space of time was a secret favourite to a few of the volunteers due to her endearing nature.
Yesterday Elle passed a very odd thing in her litter tray... ribbon like to look at however was fleshy to touch.
Elle was relatively bright though a little off her food... nothing unusual about that in late pregnancy.
This morning she was very pale and had smelly breath too.
We did not delay and took her straight to the vets .
The vet was concerned at how she appeared and immediately started to plan for a Cesarean section.
Elle condition rapidly deteriorated and the vet opened Elle up without delay whilst pumping her with strong antibiotics...
Inside the pustulous infected uterus were 8 malformed beings... such a big litter, none surviving, so sad.

They continued to flush Elle out as more infection was evident... and finally the surgery was finished.

Elle had septicaemia.... a septic infected uterus.

As Elle recovered from the anaesthetic the practice staff rang me to discuss the intensive care plan required when she came back to the rescue.... Elle continued to recover in the oxygen tent however her condition was deteriorating.

We were already for the nursing ahead...infact on the way to pick her up when the vets rang us to say that she had very sadly passed away.
So needless
So sad
So young

So what's the answer?

Get your own pets neutered!

Don't just feed strays- get help to get them neutered- there is help out there, just ask.

This is the second case of an infected uterus in the last 2 weeks.

Elle I wish you could have lived in peace.. a long and happy life... but due to human error I'm sorry ... but may you may rest in peace.


Georgia – Now Rehomed

This is Georgia
Georgia was an owned pet, the last of a litter who was being sold on Facebook for a piffling amount of money.
A kind member of the public went and bought her just to prevent a terrible situation that could potentially occur when selling kittens on fb.
Once the kitten was safe we were contacted to see if we could help.
Little Georgia was covered in fleas when she arrived and had a heavy worm burden too.
We are assured that Mum has been neutered.



This is old Rose.
Rose is an elderly cat and was taken to vets 4 pets in Pudsey following being found barely conscious by a member of the public.
Rose is severely dehydrated and unwell. She is on intravenous fluids, antibiotics but despite all this she is currently tucking into a little bit of food.
Rose will be intensively nursed over the next few days by volunteers in the rescue with support from one of our vet associates.



This is Orchard ... Orchard is a young cat who sadly is heavily pregnant and was being given away free on Facebook.
We could not risk the potential fate of the future of this cat and her unborn kittens... therefore she was brought into the safety of the rescue.



This is little Buffy.
Buffy is around 3 weeks old at the most and was literally dumped on a receptionist at Bradford vets4pets.
The finder apparently presented with the kitten declaring that his dog found it.

Unfortunately the finder was gone in a flash before reception were able get any further details.
Buffy is currently learning how to feed with a special teat on a syringe...
Volunteers will be nursing and feeding Buffy every 2 hours around the clock.


Maria ad Kittens

Recently we admitted a pair of kittens.
They were only days old and desperately needed to be reunited with their mum and other siblings.
For over 24 hours volunteers relentlessly fed and nursed these tiny beings striving to keep them alive... and through education and persuasion...the owners of mum and kittens contacted us for help.
We are very pleased to say that Mum and 2 other siblings have been admitted to BCWR and reunited.
This little family are happy now.



This is Shelbie.
She is around 1 to 2 years old, heavily pregnant and found wandering for days by the canal side in the Apperley Bridge area of Bradford.
Shelbie is now safe and warm here @BCWR where she can have her kittens surrounded by love.


Pouffe and her little Pouffettes. – Now Rehomed

This is Pouffe and her little Pouffettes.
This little family have been abandoned in a garden in the Heaton area of Bradford and have been struggling to find shelter in several gardens for the last few days.
Mum is only young herself, possibly 7 months and her kittens are around 5 weeks.
The kittens have a few more weeks growing to do before mum can be neutered then they can all find new homes.
Until they are old enough they will not be considered for adoption.

Devon rex

Teddy and Evie – Now Rehomed

This is Teddy and Evie. They are around 4 years old and sadly their owner tragically passed away recently. They will soon be looking for a new home ideally together

Sweep – Now Rehomed

This is 4 year old Sweep.
Poor Sweep became an unwanted pet and was taken into Pudsey vets4pets by her owner to be euthanized several weeks ago.
The vets refused to do this and contacted us to see if we could help.
The vets neutered her, treated her for flea allergy dermatitis and looked after her for several weeks ... until we had room.
Sweep is a quiet natured yet sweet kitty and she is now looking for her furever home.



This is Beautiful Breeze.
Breeze was living on the streets with her 10 day old kittens in Bradford and was constantly being taunted by a dog.
Volunteers popped over early morning to collect them and bring them back to the rescue.
Breeze and her babies are now be ready for rehoming


Kunis and Kittens

This is little Kunis who has just come into the rescue with her five 3 day old kittens following being found in an abandoned car..... there was glass everywhere and the kittens were just laid in it.
It took a few minutes to locate mum... however with the help of local young people we managed to track her down.


Sunshine – Now Rehomed

This is Little Miss Sunshine.
Sunshine was a stray in the BD9 area and was being fed by neighbours however she was heavily pregnant.
She came into the rescue and gave birth to two kittens who sadly passed away.
Sunshine has now been neutered and is looking for her furever family. She is a very sweet natured, affectionate young lady.


Clocks – Now Rehomed

This is little Clocks

Clocks is around 5 months old and was an unwanted pet.
She is now looking for a new home.
Clocks is sweet loving and affectionate.

All our cats and kittens now come with 5 weeks free insurance regardless of age.



This is little TULIP and her kittens.
Poor TULIP was "found" on a doorstep of a house giving birth earlier today.
She has two kittens with her now however at least one had sadly died prior to us arriving.
Mum and kittens were very cold however they're very settled and warm cuddled up together in bed here at BCWR.
Tulips Kittens have now been rehomed.


Louis – Now Rehomed

This is little Louis
We met Louis at Bramley Vets4pets whilst picking Misty up.
Louis was with his owners following a serious accident... although the details of the accident are unclear it is believed that Louis has possibly been involved in a road accident or a fall from a height ?
Louis has sustained odd injuries as his tarsal bone is exposed at the back and his tendon has snapped so his leg is permanently flexed.
The only treatment is amputation however the owners for their own reasons felt euthanasia may be kinder.
The vet spoke with the owners and they agreed to sign Louis over to us and I spoke with the owners to reassure them that he would be looked after.
HINDSIGHT is A wonderful thing and we cannot judge Louis owners... because we do not know what their life looks like and what influences their decisions.
We are happy that we have been able to help Louis.
Louis will be having his leg surgically amputated.

louie injury

Louis update.
Louis has now come back from the vets this evening following his ordeal today.

Louis had a terrible injury to his leg and sadly his leg had to be... surgically amputated.
Louis will be nursed around the clock for the next 48 hours and volunteers will provide pain relief and antibiotics.

As many of you know, many cats live happy and fulfilling lives with just 3 legs.. and we are confident that 6 year old Louis will soon recover and find his furever home.
We received a substantial discount from the surgeons at Bramley Vets4pets... however the outstanding amount owing £120.
We will endeavour to pay it in full over the next 24 hours.

louis leg amp



This Is Dreamie.
Dreamie has been living in the warehouse where we purchase our cat litter from for the last 9 months.

Dreamie is now pregnant.

Dreamie ( and the staff at the factory) can now rest in the knowledge that she will be able to have her kittens in the safety and warmth of the rescue and be surrounded by love.

Lola torti

Layla – Now Rehomed

This is Layla

Layla 4 years ago was adopted from BCWR and sadly her owner has stumbled upon tragic circumstances which meant it was impossible for her to keep Lola.
As a rescue we are compassionate about people's genuine circumstances however we will always act in the best interests of the kitties involved too.

Layla is neutered and very soon will be looking for her furever home.

All our cats and kittens come with 5 weeks free insurance, whatever their age.



This is 10 year old Ben.
A kind person saw Ben on Facebook who was threatened with euthanasia by his owner if no one could "take him off their hands".
They took Ben... to save his life however unknown to them at the time they later found out Ben is Blind.
They family who rescued Ben simply did not feel equipped to look after Ben do contacted us for help.

Ben spent a few months being loved in the home of the rescue, but sadly passed away at the beginning of May 2017 due to an age related illness.

Rest in Peace Ben.

Tiny Toes

Tiny Toes – Now Rehomed

This is 3 year old Tiny Toes and due to unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances she has had to come into the rescue.
Here at BCWR we do not judge people on their situations we only do what we do with the best interests of the cats in mind.
Tiny is currently pregnant however this is her third (and last) litter.
We are glad that we were able to help Tiny in her sad situation and that she will have her kittens in the warmth, safety and love of BCWR.


Donald, Daffy and Pluto – Now Rehomed

This is Donald, Daffy and Pluto.

This little trio were owned pets and unfortunately the owner had multiple cats that she had rescued was struggling to break the breeding cycle.
We have provided the family with much information about neutering and education about responsible pet ownership too.
The kittens did have quite a flea infestation and worm burden on arrival however they have now been treat for both.
The kittens are 4 to 5 months old and very soon will be looking for new homes.

All our cats and kittens come with 5 weeks free insurance, whatever their age.

3 little monkeys

3 Little Monkeys – Now Rehomed

These 3 little monkeys have been brought into the rescue following their owner attempting to give them away for free.
Whilst the owner is unwilling to let us admit mummy for neutering we will be equipping her with all the information about neutering.
We will be following this up.
These kittens are just 6 weeks old and will be in foster care until they are at least 9 weeks old when they will then be available for rehoming.
We do not reserve any kittens that are not ready to leave the rescue .

Misty Moo


This is Misty Moo.
Misty has been involved in a serious road traffic accident a few days ago and sadly her owners do not feel able to look after her or foot the veterinary fees for the complex surgery that lies ahead.
Misty has a severe break to one of her back legs close to the neck of the femur...
We expect the surgery and after care may cost in the region of £500.
Misty will be intensively nursed until after her surgery by experienced and trained volunteers here at BCWR.

mmxray3 mmxray2 mmxray1

Misty update

So Misty has had a long day at Bramley Vets4pets.
We are pleased to say that her surgery went incredibly well and that she is now back at the rescue recovering.
Her leg has been successfully pinned and plated. The surgery in total lasted for two an a half hours... this included time pre and post op for x-rays and recovery.
Shards of bone were removed and what the x-ray didn't show clearly was an entire chunk of the bone in the middle was missing.
This was extremely complex surgery.
I would like to say a massive thank you and well done to Emma Barnes the vet who performed the surgery at a greatly reduced rate but also to staff at Bradford Vets4pets (Thornton road) who contacted us to see if we would help Misty following a road accident.
Above all I would like to thank all our lovely supporters who generously donated towards Misty's surgery.
Thank you

misty1 misty2 misty3 misty4 misty5 misty6

Misty Moo update.

So it's 8 days since Misty has major orthopaedic surgery to attempt to repair a complex fracture to her leg.
The surgery was very tricky at the time and the leg required both a pin and a plate.
Yesterday Emma went back to see the surgeon, Emma Barnes for a 7 day review.
Emma was so please to see Misty bright, alert and mobilising well.
She is using the leg well and has a fantastic range of movement.
The plan is in 6 to 8 weeks Misty will return for an x-ray and a pin removing.



This is Freddie.
Freddie is an unneutered male cat, who has being living stray in the Shelf area of Halifax for 3 years.
Goodness knows what has happened to his eye.. we suspect serious trauma, causing inflammation and bleeding.... he has been wandering the streets like this for several days and the family feeding him have been unable to catch him.
A friend and veterinary nurse went to catch and collect Freddie to bring him into the rescue, so he can receive the attention he needs.
Freddie is a big, friendly boy.


Elsie Thornton

This is Elsie Thornton... we affectionately call her E.T.
E.T. was found by a kind member of the public in Thornton a few days ago.
She appeared thin, tired and poorly looking and took her to the vets.
To cut a long story short ET is an elderly lady and does have a chip however we have not yet successfully been able to contact the registered owner.
In the interim we are providing supportive care and ensuring her quality and function.
We believe ET may have skin cancer affecting her ears and she will be seen by our vets later this week.
we believe Elsie may need her ear tips surgically removing to prevent metastasis


Toby – Now Rehomed

This is 10 week old Toby.
Toby was an unwanted pet and passed throughout a family unit from pillar to post.
Thankfully he is now safe with us and will soon be looking for a new home.


Milky – Now Rehomed

This is little Milky who is just over 1 year old.
He was a much loved family member and very sadly the tragic circumstances of the family meant that they could no longer care for him.
The whole family are so upset about this situation as they themselves rescued Milky when he was just weeks old when he was living stray.


Churchill – Now Rehomed

This is Chunky Churchill
Churchill was an owned pet whose owner passed away recently.
The relatives booked him in at Northcote vets to be euthanaised... however the staff at the vets did not know that this was the purpose of the planned appointment.. thankfully Northcote are compassionate about the animals they see and refused to put to sleep this healthy, slightly overweight older boy... and rang us to see if we could help.
Churchill will be seeking a quiet foster home in the near future and BCWR will pay for all his Food and veterinary care as required.

Bonnie pap


Bonnie is around 15 years old and her situation is so sad on all accounts.
Bonnie was previously owned by an elderly lady with worsening dementia.... over the last few years Bonnie was inadvertently being over fed as her loving and doting elderly owner forgot that she had already been fed.
What makes this situation worse is that Bonnie also, as a result has chronic kidney failure.
Unfortunately Bonnie's owner has become so I'll that she has now been placed in a dementia home ... but the family promised to look after Bonnie so that she would go into the home and accept the care she needs.
The truth is Bonnie's family are allergic to cats and no one was in a position to take her so as a desperate plea Northcote vets contacted us to see if we would help 8kg Bonnie.
Bonnie sadly passed away on 7th May 2017, but in the short time she was in the rescue she was loved by many and put a smile on the faces of those who met her.

Rest In Peace Bonnie.


Lola and Kittens – Now Rehomed

This is Lola.
She has become the victim of her owners unfortunate circumstances.
Lola had 5 kittens in the rescue who will all shortly be looking for their furever homes.


Amara – Now Rehomed

This is Amara.
Amara is under 1 year old and was an abandoned pet when her owners moved house.
The neighbours cared enough to look after Amara until we had room in the rescue.

Shaun & barbara

Shaun and Barbara – Now Rehomed

This is mum and son Shaun and Barbara.
They have come into the rescue due to a breakdown of a family unit and they had no where to go.
They will be neutered then hopefully rehomed very soon after.
Barbara is around 3 years old and little Shaun is just 18 months old.


Tock – Now Rehomed

This is tiny Tock.
Tock was a stray in the Bradford area for a few days at only around 4 months old.
She has no microchip.
On arrival Tock had a mahooosive tick attached to his leg which we have now removed.
We hope that Tock will soon be available for adoption.

Della and Dumplings

Della – Now Rehomed

This little Della
She was found in shocking conditions living outside sheltering under a sheet of wood... along side a 5th kitten that had died.
Della is only months old herself and her kittens have now all found their furever homes.