Scooter arrived at the rescue in early August when he was around 12 weeks old.

Being a high care needs rescue we get many calls about cats and kittens with complex and enduring needs.

He is a special little boy with a severe skeletal deformity affecting his hind legs.

He has been assessed over a few weeks as to his capabilities and needs... and if any remedial surgery can be performed.

Scooter must have ongoing care, physio and exercise to maintain his mobility and quality of life.

If you would like to meet Scooter please contact the rescue on 07942822509



  1. I met Scooter and some of the team today at Pets at Home in Forster Square Bradford.
    He is a beautiful little kitten and looked to be very well looked after.
    I wish the amazing team good luck in finding loving homes for all their fury friends 🙂

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