Arctic Monkeys

Sometimes in life it seems so unfair as new life is beginning it's stolen too soon, we barely get to know the funny little characters when they are ripped from our hearts but never from our memories.
in December 2015 these adorable little kittens were found by office staff when they were only days old in sub zero temperatures.
They had been dumped in a carrier bag inside a trade waste bin.
Who knows what these four little beings encountered prior to being found or, where their poor mother was.
We tenderly nursed them relentlessly around the clock, some for several weeks, but the damage had already been done.
When a kitten is born, within the first eight weeks it is paramount that they regularly feed from their mum, this is because colostrum that can only be obtained from their own mums milk provides all the natural antibodies that are used to develop a healthy immune system.
Sadly one by one Foxy, Penguin and Caribou passed away (Seal is still fighting and growing stronger day by day).

Rest in Peace little ones

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