On the morning of 22nd February 2016 we have been emotionally touched by the two sure things associated with life....
New birth and death.

Three weeks ago we were approached by a nurse of a terminally ill lady who needed to go in to a hospice to receive end of life care.... the one thing she was concerned about was her beloved 19 year old cat Thomas who too needed end of life care.
We have been privileged to look after Thomas.... and we were very saddened to hear of the passing of his owner last week.
Ironically since that time many of you know Thomas' health has rapidly declined and over the weekend we have had to provide 24 hour care and tended to his every need.
Many people contacted me about Thomas last week and suggested it was time to let him go.... however it is my belief that he should be treated no different to his owner and should be loved, comforted and reassured during his transition from life.
At around 8.30am Thomas passed away but we can only take comfort from knowing in his last days and hours he suffered no pain and was very much loved as he had been all his life.
I trust nature will now reunite this lovely pair again.

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