This is Pascal and Esther. They were found together sheltering from the storm in a garden in BD3 at the end of March.

They both are in significant poor health and appear to have visual problems.

They will be assessed by our vets at Northcote.

Pascal and Esther update

Pascal and Esther arrived at the the rescue early March following being found living in a back yard.
They were both is dreadful condition.
Pascal (black) had flu symptoms, was severely underweight and was covered in his own poo.
When we brought him back to the rescue it soon became apparent that he was completely and irreversibly blind. This explains somewhat why he could not use a litter tray which was so uncomfortable for him especially as he had a constant drippy bum.
Esther also was very underweight and had shocking flu symptoms.
In the last 5 weeks their health has significantly improved.
Pascal had a complete staged diet change and we went back to basics with the litter training. He now has no diarrhoea and amazingly uses his litter tray. His flu has virtually gone and he is gaining in weight and condition.
Esther is piling on the pounds and looks in much better health however she does have flu symptoms still. This may be a chronic problem for her.

pascal healthy esther healthy


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