Many of you have met Braille and have followed her journey since she arrived at BCWR on the evening of November 5th 2014 when she was found in the middle of Bolton Road. . A very busy road in Bradford.
Braille is deaf and blind and has spent her time at BCWR living in the home of the rescue mostly snoozing on the bed.

It is beyond comprehension how poor Braille has felt being both deaf and blind. ..

Over the past week Brailles health significantly deteriorated.

She was seen over the bank holiday at the emergency vets, she was under the care of the wonderful team at Northcote vets who supported me in caring for her at home.

Brailles health appeared to improve vastly and on Thursday morning we took her up to the vets for a review and cannula change.
There is no easy way of saying this... but whilst at the vets Braille sadly and suddenly passed away.
The vets tried everything to revive her. .. and all I could do was watch her slip away.
I am thankful that I was at the vets, I am thankful for being with Braille in those last moments, I am thankful for the care that Northcote vets so compassionately gave, I am thankful for all the love and kindness that our supporters have given..... but above all I am thankful for the time I have known Braille, shared my life, my love ... and my bed with her.

(31st March 2016)

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  1. I’m saddened to hear of Braille’s passing, but I’m glad she had you with her. You have her so much love and were able to communicate with her through tapping and that in itself just shows the time, effort and love put into Braille’s care. RIP beautiful lady

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