Prince Rocco !!!!!
Rocco has spent the last 6 weeks at VetsforPets Bradford (Thornton Road) following being found stray, injured and literally dying as he was carried into the practice by a concerned postman.

Several attempts were made to find an owner however this was not successful.

It is thought that Rocco was a survivor of an RTA and he suffered terrible injuries.
He had a broken tail, multiple fractures of his pelvis and severe nerve damage affecting his bladder..... resulting in multiple bladder infections

The staff at the vets have relentlessly nursed him back to health.
He was having his bladder manually expressed for weeks, had a tail amputation, was neutered and has had several courses of antibiotics.

The staff at the Vets4Pets are very sad to see him go but very happy he can come to the rescue here at BCWR and hopefully soon find his new home.
Rocco us around 1 to 2 years of age.
You can tell from the photos below that he has made great progress.

Rocco2 Rocco8 Rocco5 Rocco1 Rocco11 13043658_1008237185908843_5876089898715293492_n Rocco6

Rocco update.

ROCCO has been with us a few days now following his transfer from Bradford Vetsforpets.
Rocco seems to be settling into rescue life and has been assessed by our vets at NORTHCOTE.
Rocco is a sweet and affectionate boy and has won the hearts of all the volunteers here at BCWR.
his bladder is still compromised however we will provide all the care ROCCO needs.


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