Itch – Now With Her Purrfect Companion

Itch PC

Itch is now fully recovered and looking to be a Purr-Fect Companion.

Itch arrived with us on the 21st April following being handed into a vets in Bradford twice in one day.

Itch has been stray in the Idle area and is currently being nursed in isolation in a foster home due to an unknown skin condition.

Skin scrapings and swabs have been taken and we are awaiting her results.

Itch 2  Itch 3

Itch update

Little itch has been with us just over a week after being found stray and handed into a vets TWICE prior to us being contacted ....and just look at her now... she is much more comfortable and feeling less irritated and we believe it now not to be ringworm and more likely to be a reaction of some kind... possibly flea allergy.... however we are still awaiting results.

Itch drip

Itch update

Little Itch has been with us a few weeks now.
When initially admitted we thought this elderly lady was just battling a skin condition... which has responded really well to treatment however over the last 72 hours it has become clearly evident that aside of an allergic reaction Itch is suffering from something far more sinister.

Last week Itch developed a swelling on her face and surgery to remove 3 teeth and an abscess was done last Friday.
Over the last few days Itch's condition has rapidly declined.
Today she has spent the day in our vets at Northcote, has had blood tests and an x-ray.

An x-ray has revealed overwhelming evidence that suggests that Itch has an oral bone tumour.

A sample of the bone has been sent off for histopathology analysis and we await the results.

In the meantime volunteers at the rescue are providing Itch with 24 hour supportive and palliative care including intravenous fluid therapy, intravenous antibiotics and very strong intravenous pain relief.

The prognosis for Itch is not expected to be a good outlook.

Here at BCWR we pride ourselves in the care we provide our animals with.
We will never give up on an animal and will always provide what ever care is required regardless of the time / care commitment or financial constraints.

Itch update

After 48 hours of intensive and supportive care here at the rescue..... against the odds..... little Itch is showing signs of improvement.
This morning we offered her a felix "smoothie" which she thoroughly enjoyed.
We continue to care for Itch providing her with strong pain relief, antibiotics and 24hr care.


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