Little Miss Bump

Betty Bump arrived at the rescue in mid June following being found wandering the streets in North Yorkshire.
She has been at Forest House Vets Knaresborough for the last week and they have made every attempt to find her owner.
Betty is around 15 years old and is blind.
The volunteers here at the rescue are experienced in working alongside sensory impaired cats and we are sure that Little Miss Bump will settle into life here at BCWR very quickly.

Little Miss Betty Bump has now been with us nearly a week.She has settled in really well especially considering her probable age of around 16 years old and her blindness.
She is mapping out her environment and we are using our specialist skills and knowledge to communicate with her.

Yesterday she went to the vets for her 1st vaccine and assessment of needs.

Her biggest complication is the cause of blindness.
she has a condition called feline corneal sequestration which is a dramatic and unusual corneal disease unique to domestic cats. It refers to the development of an opaque, dark brown to black plaque on the cornea which is a dead piece of corneal tissue. Sequestra are usually oval to round, they can be quite small to quite large, and they can extend deeply into the corneal tissue. Some sequestra have the appearance of a shiny piece of black patent leather on the surface of the eye. Others have a browner, more bronzed appearance.

Corneal sequestration can occur in cats of all ages and breeds.

Sequestra can be painful. The signs of ocular pain may be subtle and include squinting, tearing, and elevation of the third eyelid. Sequestra can remain for months to years and can cause secondary inflammation and/or infection. Additionally, the dead corneal tissue can act as a foreign body, causing the immune system to attack the sequestrum. During this attack, neighboring healthy corneal tissue is damaged, and the eye can rupture. A sequestra can extrude (slough) from the eye’s surface and cause eye rupture. If this occurs, the eye unfortunately might need surgical removal.

In the meantime we will be providing little Miss Betty Bump with the best care possible... and in her senior years we will support her through any complications.


Beautiful Little Miss Betty Bump arrived with us earlier in the summer.
She was found wandering the streets of Knaresborough despite being totally blind.
This ...little old lady was taken to Forest House Vets and every attempt was made to reunite Betty with her owner however this was not successful.
As well as being blind and elderly poor Betty has a serious eye condition which rapidly deteriorated over the last week and as a result, beautiful brave Betty had her eye removed.
She is now recovering and we hope that she will soon be feeling much happier.


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