On the 17th of April 2010 a beautiful boy was born,
Topple's a special kitty in more ways than you can imagine.
When he was born it was a very traumatic birth process and his umbilical cord became entangled around his neck causing
hypoxia, (starvation of oxygen to his brain)
The volunteers had to act very quickly to not only save his life but his mummy's life too.
His mum was in intensive care for several weeks and Topple was hand reared.
Topple was left with a condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia which means he constantly wobbles and appears drunk when he walks.
For every one who knows him, Topple is a very happy chappy and loves every one he meets though he is very sensitive to those he is close to.
Topple has always lived at the rescue in his family home and works hard making many public appearances as BCWR Mascot and he also brings joy to others as he works as a PAT (Pets as Therapy) Cat.
Topple became quite a celebrity cat at various venues and every one who meets him loves him.
During fundraising events he is the star attraction especially at several Pets At Home stores including Bradford, Birstal, Meanwood and Guiseley where he managed to woo all the ladies.
Topples' main annual event has always been Santa Paws.... our very own Christmas event here @BCWR where as always, he loved to be the centre of attention.
Over the last few weeks Topple has been rather unwell and many of you know following several investigations, scans and tests he had a diagnosis of cancer in his abdomen.
Scans showed 3 masses with the primary most likely in the pancreas.
Following the diagnosis Topple's condition declined rapidly.
Last Wednesday Topple left us... and we were heart broken.
I'm sorry for the delay in posting this however it is a very difficult time for me.
I personally have found this to be the greatest loss in my life.. and life for me will never be the same.
Topple and I had such a special bond.
When I was upset he provided comfort, when I was ill he became ill.
No one knew him or loved him like I did,
Topple was my little lad, my sunshine, my everything..... my life will never be the same.
Rest In Peace my little lad
17th April 2010 - 2nd November 2016

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