Jellybean arrived into the care of BCWR at the beginning of January 2017.
She came into the rescue with her 4 friends that we have collectively named the "Candy Kittens".

The kittens had ringworm and were isolated with a specially trained fosterer with strict infection control protocols in place.

Unfortunately JB has a severe neurological condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia which was most probably caused due to an infection that mum had whilst the kittens were developing in the womb.

Sadly prior to our interventions mum passed away from a mystery Illness which we believe may be the cause of Jellybeans condition.

Here at BCWR we are very experienced in working with and delivering care to cats with extra special needs and through physio, play and exercise we are confident that we can provide the care which will enable Jellybean to maintain quality and function in her life.


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