Sergeant Fuzzy Boots – Now Rehomed

A Happy Tail from BCWR.

This little character is a familiar face in Eccleshill Village.
Most of the businesses and locals in the village know this little chap as Trevor.

We were contacted by Hudsons....the village butcher as they had great concerns for Trevor.... he was badly limping and had a swollen paw.

Volunteers rushed to pick little Trevor up and took him immediately to the vets for assessment.

Thankfully his injuries are not thought to be too serious and looks like he has a painful abscess causing swelling and discomfort.

As with all our admissions Trevor was scanned for a microchip...and indeed he was chipped.

We did a quick search on the database and within 10 minutes we had contacted the owner..... who lives in Ellesmere Port!!!!
The owner was overjoyed to hear that "Sergeant Fuzzy Boots " who is 3 years old was safe, alive and well and he plans to come and see him.

We cannot stress the importance of Microchipping your cat


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