This is Tadoma.... Tandy for short (the name derives from a communication technique used to communicate by tapping and stroking of facial features).
Tandy is around 11 years old and we believe she has been abandoned by her previous owners over 2 years ago.
A few days ago a member of the public discovered her distressed in the middle of a road with 2 youths enticing her possibly for their dog to attack her.
This is such a sad story for any cat but what makes this even more sad is that Tadoma is deaf and blind.
We will work with Tadoma and the vets to ensure that her quality of life and ability to function is the best it possibly can be.
The volunteers at the the rescue are experienced and trained in working with sensory impaired cats and providing a safe environment centred around enrichment, stimulation and love.
Here at BCWR we never deny a kitty care regardless of age, disability, care required or financial implications.
if you would like to donate towards Tandys care the easiest way is via PayPal using bcwrkittensfundraising@gmail.com as the recipient.please select the friends and family option so we are not charged a fee.


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