Mr Grey

Sometimes in rescue we face difficult and sad times.
It does not matter how long we have looked after the kitties in our care... be it minutes, days, hours or years.. the love we give them is immeasurable.
Less than 24 hours ago we rescued Mr Grey. He was a long term stray in the Bradford area.
He was in terrible condition and his injuries included an abscess and a seriously injured leg.
Mr Grey was given emergency care including pain relief, antibiotics and anti inflammatory medication.
He enjoyed his several suppers last night too.
Mr Grey was admitted into our vets for anaesthesia and further investigations.
We received a phone call from one of our vets with terrible news.
Mr Grey was riddled with cancer.
the tumours were obstructing his airways, nasal cavity and was penetrating deep into the bone.
In order to prevent further suffering the only option was to allow the vets to put Mr Grey to rest whilst he was already under anaesthesia.

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