Xena – Now Rehomed

This is Xena.
This poor little cat has definitely been the victim of a terrible and deliberate act of cruelty.
We have already sought emergency veterinary advice and initiated treatment for what we believe is either a cigarette burn or more likely, we are fearing a pellet gun shot wound.
Either way this kitty is already on pain relief, antibiotics and whilst in both these cases it can be very serious it is however, due to location unlikely to have affected any of Xena's major organs.
Xena will be reviewed at the vets on Monday unless she deteriorates in which case we will seek further emergency advice.



    • Xena is doing really well, she has recovered from her ordeal and has recently been neutered. Xena is now looking for her furever family, she is a little timid but really enjoys being fussed. Thank you.

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