Bonnie is around 15 years old and her situation is so sad on all accounts.
Bonnie was previously owned by an elderly lady with worsening dementia.... over the last few years Bonnie was inadvertently being over fed as her loving and doting elderly owner forgot that she had already been fed.
What makes this situation worse is that Bonnie also, as a result has chronic kidney failure.
Unfortunately Bonnie's owner has become so I'll that she has now been placed in a dementia home ... but the family promised to look after Bonnie so that she would go into the home and accept the care she needs.
The truth is Bonnie's family are allergic to cats and no one was in a position to take her so as a desperate plea Northcote vets contacted us to see if we would help 8kg Bonnie.
Bonnie sadly passed away on 7th May 2017, but in the short time she was in the rescue she was loved by many and put a smile on the faces of those who met her.

Rest In Peace Bonnie.

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