This is Misty Moo.
Misty has been involved in a serious road traffic accident a few days ago and sadly her owners do not feel able to look after her or foot the veterinary fees for the complex surgery that lies ahead.
Misty has a severe break to one of her back legs close to the neck of the femur...
We expect the surgery and after care may cost in the region of £500.
Misty will be intensively nursed until after her surgery by experienced and trained volunteers here at BCWR.

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Misty update

So Misty has had a long day at Bramley Vets4pets.
We are pleased to say that her surgery went incredibly well and that she is now back at the rescue recovering.
Her leg has been successfully pinned and plated. The surgery in total lasted for two an a half hours... this included time pre and post op for x-rays and recovery.
Shards of bone were removed and what the x-ray didn't show clearly was an entire chunk of the bone in the middle was missing.
This was extremely complex surgery.
I would like to say a massive thank you and well done to Emma Barnes the vet who performed the surgery at a greatly reduced rate but also to staff at Bradford Vets4pets (Thornton road) who contacted us to see if we would help Misty following a road accident.
Above all I would like to thank all our lovely supporters who generously donated towards Misty's surgery.
Thank you

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Misty Moo update.

So it's 8 days since Misty has major orthopaedic surgery to attempt to repair a complex fracture to her leg.
The surgery was very tricky at the time and the leg required both a pin and a plate.
Yesterday Emma went back to see the surgeon, Emma Barnes for a 7 day review.
Emma was so please to see Misty bright, alert and mobilising well.
She is using the leg well and has a fantastic range of movement.
The plan is in 6 to 8 weeks Misty will return for an x-ray and a pin removing.


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