Louis – Now Rehomed

This is little Louis
We met Louis at Bramley Vets4pets whilst picking Misty up.
Louis was with his owners following a serious accident... although the details of the accident are unclear it is believed that Louis has possibly been involved in a road accident or a fall from a height ?
Louis has sustained odd injuries as his tarsal bone is exposed at the back and his tendon has snapped so his leg is permanently flexed.
The only treatment is amputation however the owners for their own reasons felt euthanasia may be kinder.
The vet spoke with the owners and they agreed to sign Louis over to us and I spoke with the owners to reassure them that he would be looked after.
HINDSIGHT is A wonderful thing and we cannot judge Louis owners... because we do not know what their life looks like and what influences their decisions.
We are happy that we have been able to help Louis.
Louis will be having his leg surgically amputated.

louie injury

Louis update.
Louis has now come back from the vets this evening following his ordeal today.

Louis had a terrible injury to his leg and sadly his leg had to be... surgically amputated.
Louis will be nursed around the clock for the next 48 hours and volunteers will provide pain relief and antibiotics.

As many of you know, many cats live happy and fulfilling lives with just 3 legs.. and we are confident that 6 year old Louis will soon recover and find his furever home.
We received a substantial discount from the surgeons at Bramley Vets4pets... however the outstanding amount owing £120.
We will endeavour to pay it in full over the next 24 hours.

louis leg amp



  1. I can tell you,what influenced my decision, my wife had colorectal surgery in December.we have struggled to pay mortgage bills etc.she is lucky to be alive,then unfortunately this happened to Louie .We just couldn’t afford what the vet wanted..we are not on benefits.we will miss Louie he is a good pet.hope this helps.

  2. We adopted Louis on the 24th March.
    He has made a full recovery and managing very well.
    He as settled in to his new home, and is going out into secure garden on a lead.
    He is a beautiful natured cat,very loving and affectionate. Little mischievous at times!! There is always someone at home so he is never slone.
    We had always had a siamese cat, unfortunately we had to have our last one Ming put to sleep he was 19yrs old.
    Please be assured he is been well looked after and happy.

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