Whilst everyone likes to think that all kitty birthing stories are full of happiness, congratulations and celebration I can assure you 1st hand that this is not the case in many cases.
This is little Elle.
Elle came into the rescue at around 7 months old heavily pregnant.
She had been living stray in the Manningham area of Bradford.
Elle, in a short space of time was a secret favourite to a few of the volunteers due to her endearing nature.
Yesterday Elle passed a very odd thing in her litter tray... ribbon like to look at however was fleshy to touch.
Elle was relatively bright though a little off her food... nothing unusual about that in late pregnancy.
This morning she was very pale and had smelly breath too.
We did not delay and took her straight to the vets .
The vet was concerned at how she appeared and immediately started to plan for a Cesarean section.
Elle condition rapidly deteriorated and the vet opened Elle up without delay whilst pumping her with strong antibiotics...
Inside the pustulous infected uterus were 8 malformed beings... such a big litter, none surviving, so sad.

They continued to flush Elle out as more infection was evident... and finally the surgery was finished.

Elle had septicaemia.... a septic infected uterus.

As Elle recovered from the anaesthetic the practice staff rang me to discuss the intensive care plan required when she came back to the rescue.... Elle continued to recover in the oxygen tent however her condition was deteriorating.

We were already for the nursing ahead...infact on the way to pick her up when the vets rang us to say that she had very sadly passed away.
So needless
So sad
So young

So what's the answer?

Get your own pets neutered!

Don't just feed strays- get help to get them neutered- there is help out there, just ask.

This is the second case of an infected uterus in the last 2 weeks.

Elle I wish you could have lived in peace.. a long and happy life... but due to human error I'm sorry ... but may you may rest in peace.

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