This is Yen
Volunteers @BCWR were initially called regarding a stray kitten however this soon developed into a much more serious situation.
Tonight we rescued 4 kittens around 6 weeks old... with flu symptoms and this is their mum... who has a horrific open fracture of the leg.
Emergency care and pain relief has been given and we will be at our vets 1st thing in the morning.
We also collected a heavily pregnant cat from the location too.

yen leg 1 yen leg 2

Yen update

Yen has now been admitted to the vets following a long night of pain relief and supportive care from volunteers @BCWR.
Yen was assessed by our vets at 8.30am this morning and as expected the only treatment that can be offered is amputation.
Not only is the fracture so severe, the bone is terribly infected too.
We expect she will require intensive nursing and intravenous fluids and medication when she returns to the rescue.

Yen update.

Volunteers collected Yen from her long day at the vets.
As you can see the open fracture was horrific and the only surgical option was amputation.
The level of infection in the bone was so high and it is a wonder how she has survived.
Yen is now on intravenous fluids and medication to give her the best recovery possible.
Yen Will be nursed and constantly monitored here at BCWR.
In addition to the care commitment required this kitty has dented our funds some what and has indeed cost us over £700.

yen leg 3 yen leg 4

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