This is Lotus.... who was also living with Yen and her kittens.
Lotus is heavily pregnant to the point of popping.
This poor cat was owned however lived outside as her owner believed she enjoyed her freedom.
At least now lotus can relax in the latter stage of her pregnancy and know she is safe.

Lotus update.
As many of you will have read Lotus arrived with us only 72 hours ago heavily pregnant.
Her owner believed she was happy living outside and had freedom to do what she wanted.
We explained the dangers of her being outside and he agreed to sign her over into our care as his family were not prepared to have her in the home.

THANK GOODNESS she came when she did.

Lotus went into labour in the early hours of Friday morning... around 2am.
After several hours kitty number one was eventually born... following a struggle .... closely followed by kitty number 2.
Mum had little interest in them from the outset.
Following a brief examination it was evident there were more kittens to follow.
Kitty 3 was huge .. however she was exhausted and struggle to pass her... after a little time and hot compresses kitty 3 arrived.. still born.... no amount of resuscitation could bring life into this little being....

The birth process continued and the same scenario happened with kitty 4... again resuscitation failed.
At this point we were over 24 hours into labour ... however this is not uncommon.

Finally at 7.30am this morning kitty number 5 began to emerge.... however she simply could not pass this kitten.. her vulva was so stretched ... she was in so much pain and was tired.

Poor lotus had given up.
We spoke with one of our vets who advised pain relief then to attempt to remove the kitten.
The kitten was enormous...no wonder she was exhausted and in pain... 268grams.... and sadly stillborn.

This kitten smelt unpleasant and it was clearly evident that
infection was setting in.

Again this morning, we sought veterinary advice.... Lotus was started on antibiotics immediately.

In amidst all the chaos of her labour we also had to encourage her to feed he live kittens too.

Finally this evening Lotus seems content with looking after her kittens.

So next time someone says... let am have one litter etc.... tell them about Lotus.

If Lotus had given birth outside she would of certainly suffered .... and most probably died.

Lotus & kittens

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