Gulliver – Now Rehomed

This is Gulliver.
Gulliver has a serious limb injury and possible pelvic damage too.
The cause of his injuries are unknown however it is likely to be a dog attack but we cannot rule out an RTA
Gulliver will be nursed overnight then assessed at the vets.. when any necessary surgery will be done.

Gulliver update

We were contacted by a vets practice yesterday regarding Gulliver who was taken in to the vets as an alleged stray.
Gulliver presented with inability to weight bear on his hind left leg.
The vet at the practice where he was handed into thoroughly examined Gulliver who discovered that his stifle was shattered and not viable.
The prognosis was not good and the only course of treatment was amputation. The vet stated if a rescue was unable to take him then he would be euthanasied.
Gulliver arrived with us...thankfully.
Gulliver has spent the day up at Northcote vets having x-rays, further examinations and was neutered.
The x-ray showed far from a shattered stifle... in fact there is no injury what so ever to any bones.
The injury is thought to be due to nerve damage possibly resulting from a trap injury.
Whilst this is very positive this is where the hard work begins now as Gulliver will require intensive physio.


Gulliver xray1 gulliver xray2


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