Elton – Now Rehomed

Elton presented at Bradford vets4pets on Thornton Road with what was initially thought to be a prolapsed bowel and an injury to his abdomen.
He was covered in diarrhoea and pus despite his kind finders cleaning him up and feeding him.
It was discovered that the suspected prolapsed bowel is in fact a prolapsed mass/tumour. This mass is causing a blockage of the anus and is infected.
The abdominal injury is an infected hole in the umbilicus. There is every possibility this kitten could develop peritonitis from such a nasty infected hole.

Little Elton is not out of the woods by a long shot as the mass needs to be investigated and removed and this delicate operation could damage the anal sphincter muscle or any of the delicate structures in that area leading to faecal incontinence.
The abdominal tear could involve the abdominal contents and lead to peritonitis. Plus the infection could very well overwhelm him before that.

For little Elton Saturday night is not alright for fighting.


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