Rasin – Now Rehomed

This is Rasin.
Rasin is around 5 years old and had been an inpatient at Northcote vets for several weeks now.
Rasin was taken to the vets as he was found stray and injured.
Rasin had several xrays and examinations which all pointed to his disfigured leg and limp being that of a horrendous old fracture.
As Rasin has learnt to cope with his impeaded gait, is in no pain and functions perfectly well, the vets decided that it was not in his best interests to have surgery.
The staff at northcote have been brilliant... especially the nurses who have often looked after him on their days off, evenings and weekends.
It is hoped that little Rasin will very soon find his Purrfect and furever indoor home.


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