This is Boo.
Boo was a "looked after" stray cat in BD4.
2 years ago we were involved in trapping, neutering and releasing Boo to the area she had always known.
It was believed that Boo was being cared for by several residents in the area.

Tonight we were contacted by her main feeder who was concerned for Boos health and that she was not eating.

We arranged to pop over and assess Boo immediately.... on arrival we were so shocked.
Boo was emaciated, weighing less than 2kg, severely dehydrated, riddled with fleas causing anaemia and partially collapsed.
We are fortunate to work with several vets including Emma Barnes at Home Comforts vets.
We contacted Emma who agreed to see her.
Within 10 minutes of arriving with Emma Boo was assessed, bloods taken and on life saving intravenous fluids.

BOO is now back at the rescue being nursed by the volunteers.
She is critically ill.
She may not survive the next few hours.
Until we receive the blood results on Monday we will not have a definitive diagnosis however poisoning is high on the list of possibilities.
I just want to say a huge thank you to Emma for your care and compassion once again, and of course the volunteers who together make a difference especially Terry... who provides much support including logistics, transport and makes a fantastic drip stand too!!.

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