This is MacPherson....Mac for short.
Mac has been living happily stray for over 10 years in a retirement village in Harrogate.
He is chipped however extensive research to find his owner is to no avail.... his owner has possibly passed away many years ago.
We believe from information from the microchip that Mac is around 17 years old.
He was taken to Harrogate Vets4Pets by a concerned resident due to his deteriorating health.
It is believed that Mac has several age related and neurological complications including bladder issues, no sensation in his tail, poor anal tone, pupil disparity, mobility issues, infection and possible brain damage.
Whilst this is a lot for an elderly cat to deal with we feel we can offer him the nursing care he needs which will promote good quality and function in his life.
Blood tests suggest that his kidneys are working well however we have just done a urine test which suggests a UTI and the specific gravity is high... so we need to encourage more fluid intake.
Following initial assessments we hope that Mac can live out his senior years in the family home of BCWR.


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