Fanny Bean

This is Fanny. She is very elderly, around 20 years old and was handed on as a member of the public saw her in a park being taunted by dogs... and wasn't reacting.
Since she was taken into Bramley vets4pets several weeks ago they have attempted to find her owner and loved and looked after her.
It is evident that Fanny is deaf and blind... and is called Fanny after Fanny Crosby, a poet who also had vision and hearing problems.

Fanny will be cared for under our SENSE scheme.

When working with kitties like Fanny with extra special needs we work within our SENSE framework
We take into account all their individual needs in order to achieve:-

We believe that in providing these 5 elements of care to our cats with extra special needs, that their quality of life will be the best it possibly can be.

IF you would like to sponsor Fanny or one of our other SENSE kitties please contact us.


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