Miss Bradford

This is beautiful Miss Bradford.
Miss Bradford was an owned pet of a very irresponsible owner and luckily a family member intervened.
Miss Bradford is only around 4 to 5 years old and is pregnant.

It is believed this is at least her 7th litter.

I would hope that every one of you reading this will acknowledge the kindness and actions of the relative rather than berating the owner.

In an ideal world we wouldn't be full of abandoned, abused and pregnant cats.. however we do not live in an ideal world.. we live in this world.
Little Miss Bradford will not have any more kittens and she will no longer be exploited as a money making breeding machine.

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  1. Any responsible owner would have had her done has soon as possible it’s a disgrace that the owners such as this one is just out for profit and not the animals welfare disgusting in 2017 that this still happens I hope you find her a fantastic furever home where she is loved and not exploited x

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