This is Jeremy.
Jeremy is around 2 years old and has been looked after like a king for the last 6 weeks by the team at Northcote Vets.
On Election Day Jeremy was taken in by the "alleged" owners neighbour who claims he was looking after him whilst his owner was away.
The team at the vets were told that he was an outdoor cat and never went inside.
On admission 6 weeks ago Jeremy could hardly stand up and it soon transpired that he had a blocked bladder, which is a potentially fatal condition.
Over the last 6 weeks the staff at Northcote have relentlessly nursed Jeremy back to full health, paid for his care, food, medication and surgery themselves and have, on countless occasions been in outside of their working hours to look after him.
All Jeremy now needs is someone to love him forever and a place called home.
We do feel that Jeremy would much prefer a home where he can safely explore the great outdoors following an initial settling in period.
If you feel you could offer Jeremy a loving home please contact us.

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  1. Would he be happy living with a feisty 3 year old male? We have a main road at the front of our property but many gardens at the back to explore. My cat is always bringing presents home. We work during the day but we do have a cat flap.

    • I’m sure if introduced in the right way there is no reason why they should not get along. If you would like to visit the rescue to discuss this further, we are open Saturdays and Sundays between 1pm and 4pm. Thank you.

    • Absolutely, we will be having our BCWR S.E.N.S.E ational Summer Spectacular fundraiser which is our biggest fundraising event of the year, but you can still have a look round the rescue and speak to any of the volunteers about adoption, or any other concerns. Hopefully see you on the 19th.

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