Blessing, Spirit and Astral

This is Blessing, Spirit and Astral.
We were contacted by our friend at PCS (Pet Cremation Service) in Doncaster.
This is and always will be a special place for a few of the volunteers here @BCWR.
Its a place where many of our loved pets are laid to rest, where I believe they leave this earthly hell and move to a place of eternal love, happiness and tranquillity... a perfect place where rescues are never needed.. a place where love never fails.
One of the staff at PCS looked out across the garden from her office and saw 2 little kittens looking at her.
She rang us for advice.
2 volunteers kindly popped over to assess the situation and thankfully were able to trap 3 kittens... there was no sign of any other kittens or mum.
Back at the rescue the kittens were given a full check over.
One kitten is believed to be around 11 weeks old and the other two are only about 4 weeks old.
They were covered in fleas, had a heavy parasite burden and on top of that we removed at least 15 ticks from them too.
The staff at PCS will be closely monitoring to see if mum or any more siblings are sighted.
We plan to re visit in a few days.

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