FUREVER LOVED – Seeking Sponsorship

Here at BCWR Kittens we are committed to rescuing all cats and kittens regardless of their age, health problems or disability. There are a few of these that simply are not suitable to be rehomed outside of the rescue due to their complex and enduring care needs. If you would be interested in sponsoring one of these kitties please contact us and we will send you a standing order form and further details.

Standing Order Form

Follow the link below to download our standing order form.

  • Fanny Bean

    Fanny Bean
    This is Fanny. She is very elderly, around 20 years old and was handed on as a member of the public saw her in a park being taunted by dogs… and wasn’t reacting. Since she was taken into Bramley vets4pets several weeks ago they have attempted to find her owner and loved and looked after her. It is evident that Fanny is ...
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  • MacPherson

    This is MacPherson….Mac for short. Mac has been living happily stray for over 10 years in a retirement village in Harrogate. He is chipped however extensive research to find his owner is to no avail…. his owner has possibly passed away many years ago. We believe from information from the microchip that Mac is around 17 years old. He was taken to Harrogate Vets4Pets ...
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  • TuPac

    This is little TuPac… this poor old boy has been in Tweed House Vets for 3 weeks following being taken in as a stray…. Not only this he have to contend with being elderly and stray … but TuPac is also blind. TuPac will be a long term resident @BCWR under the SENSE Scheme. (Sensory, Enriching, Nurturing, Stimulating Environment.
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  • Freddie

    This is Freddie. Freddie is an unneutered male cat, who has being living stray in the Shelf area of Halifax for 3 years. Goodness knows what has happened to his eye.. we suspect serious trauma, causing inflammation and bleeding…. he has been wandering the streets like this for several days and the family feeding him have been unable to catch him. A friend ...
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  • Laurie

    Laurie is 16 years old and sadly has been the victim of recent cruelty by his owner. At 16 years old this poor boy has been hit with a walking stick repeatedly on several occasions for jumping on the kitchen worktop. A family member rang us in a desperate plea to help. Whilst we do not know or need to know the full ...
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  • Jellybean

    jelly bean
    Jellybean arrived into the care of BCWR at the beginning of January 2017. She came into the rescue with her 4 friends that we have collectively named the “Candy Kittens”. The kittens had ringworm and were isolated with a specially trained fosterer with strict infection control protocols in place. Unfortunately JB has a severe neurological condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia which was most ...
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  • Susie

    Sweet Susie is 16 years old has just had her life turned upside down as her owner has just been taken into a hospice for end of life care. Sadly her son was unable to find suitable accommodation for Susie and presented at a vets for euthanasia. The vet was not comfortable with this and contacted us.
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  • Carrots

    This is Carrots and his teddy friend Curly… he is around 4 to 5 weeks old and was found wedged in a fence in a garden in Bradford. He was taken to the vets by a member of the public who have provided much care and love over the last 24 hours. Poor Carrots is more than likely going to have major ...
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  • Little Miss Bump

    betty bump
    Betty Bump arrived at the rescue in mid June following being found wandering the streets in North Yorkshire. She has been at Forest House Vets Knaresborough for the last week and they have made every attempt to find her owner. Betty is around 15 years old and is blind. The volunteers here at the rescue are experienced in working alongside sensory impaired cats ...
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  • Academy

    New arrivals following an all night rescue Academy and her 2 little pupils… (kittens) Have been living in the almost inaccessible service duct area under a school. Volunteers worked tirelessly late night and early morning to catch mum with babies to secure her welfare. After scrambling on our hands and knees with only torchlight to see, mum and kittens are now safe in the ...
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  • Rocco

    Prince Rocco !!!!! Rocco has spent the last 6 weeks at VetsforPets Bradford (Thornton Road) following being found stray, injured and literally dying as he was carried into the practice by a concerned postman. Several attempts were made to find an owner however this was not successful. It is thought that Rocco was a survivor of an RTA and he suffered terrible injuries. He ...
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  • Pascal

    pascal healthy
    This is Pascal and Esther. They were found together sheltering from the storm in a garden in BD3 at the end of March. They both are in significant poor health and appear to have visual problems. They will be assessed by our vets at Northcote. Pascal and Esther update Pascal and Esther arrived at the the rescue early March following being found living in ...
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  • Cleggy

    Poor Cleggy has lived as a long term stray for over a year now, making himself quite a character at a local school. Recently it has been noted by staff at the school that he had a horrific wound to the right of his head. It took a few days for staff to catch poor Cleggy and he has now come into ...
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  • Bambi

    Bambi, as im sure many of you will remember, was brought to us in October 2015. She had been an owned pet since a kitten however due to her owners starting a family Bambi’s little “accidents” were too much for the family to deal with. Poor Bambi has a birth deformity and arriving with us at 5 years old we were ...
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  • Scooter

    Scooter arrived at the rescue in early August when he was around 12 weeks old. Being a high care needs rescue we get many calls about cats and kittens with complex and enduring needs. He is a special little boy with a severe skeletal deformity affecting his hind legs. He has been assessed over a few weeks as to his capabilities and needs… ...
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  • Cornwall

    Cornwall was heavily pregnant when she arrived at the rescue at the end of June she is reported to have been stray for at least 2 years and had many litters producing scores of Kittens. Cornwall had her kittens at the beginning of June, they have all now been rehomed. If you would like to meet Cornwall please contact the rescue ...
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  • Comealong

    Comealong is an older cat -around 16 years old. He arrived at the rescue following being looked after by a very elderly lady who unfortunately passed away. Originally he was a stray however the lady looked after him for many years. Despite his age he is active and healthy and just looking for a quite home to enjoy his senior years. Comealong is ...
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  • Angel

    Angel arrived with us in February as she was an unwanted pet. She is around 2 years old. Though a little timid Angel does offer affection on her own terns.
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