• Macey – Now Rehomed

    This is 9 year old Macey and due to difficult circumstances Maceys family were no longer able to look after her. Macey is a timid cat and it is evident over the last few weeks she has suffered neglect and abuse. We hope with an understanding and patient home that Macey will soon learn to trust again.
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  • Evan – Now Rehomed

    This is Evan. She is a sweet, young female and has been living stray in the BD2 area for several weeks now. Evan will be taken to the vets to see if she needs neutering then hopefully soon she can find her new loving home.
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  • Branston and Pickle – Now Rehomed

    Branston and Pickle
    This is Branston and Pickle. They are only around 7 weeks and and are the product of an unwanted litter. Mum has been booked in for neutering. This pair will hopefully be available for rehoming in a few weeks.
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  • Gulliver – Now Rehomed

    This is Gulliver. Gulliver has a serious limb injury and possible pelvic damage too. The cause of his injuries are unknown however it is likely to be a dog attack but we cannot rule out an RTA Gulliver will be nursed overnight then assessed at the vets.. when any necessary surgery will be done. Gulliver update We were contacted by ...
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  • Lipsy – Now Rehomed

    This is Lipsy. This little lady is only 8 to 9 weeks old and following an initial assessment has injuries consistent with being kicked. She was found in a bush in Bradford and is now safe at the rescue. Lipsy had emergency treatment and is now fully recovered from her ordeal.
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  • Primrose – Now Rehomed

    This is little Primrose. Primrose is an unwanted pet and although the owner believed her to be 9 weeks … she is only currently around 6 weeks old. Primrose has a terribly heavy worm burden, has fleas and also a little anaemic. Primrose is not currently looking for a new home.
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  • University Kittens – Now Rehomed

    Uni Kittens
    These 5 kitties were found on campus near Bradford university. They are around 8 to 9 weeks old. We have named them, Fresher, Bachelor, Doctor, Honour, and Master. They will be assessed in the next few days and hopefully available for rehoming very soon .
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  • Kendrix and Rubix – Now Rehomed

    Kendrix and Rubix
    This is Kendrix and Rubix. This little pair were saved from the fate of a Facebook ad. They are only around 7 weeks old and will remain in the rescue until they are old enough and ready to be rehomed. All our cats and kittens are now rehomed with 5 weeks free insurance.
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  • Tattie and Teddy – Now Rehomed

    Tattie and Teddy
    This is Tattie and Teddy. This pair are the product of an unwanted litter and are now 12 to 14 weeks old. The other cats in the household have now been neutered. Alongside collecting the kittens we also took a food parcel from TOPPLES TRUST to help the owner feed her other 3 cats as sadly she had ...
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  • May Hem

    May Hem
    New arrival tonight @BCWR this is May-hem. Here at BCWR we consider ourselves unshockable however tonight our shock boundaries have been rocked. The living conditions we have just witnessed were the worse we have ever seen… and we have seen some terrible things. We were contacted by officers from West Yorkshire Police who have been involved with an ...
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  • Emily – Now Rehomed

    This Is little Emily Emily is 6 to 7 weeks old and was handed to a child in the street as she was unwanted by the owner. The parents of the child contacted us to see if we can help. We hope to establish the origins of Emily, identify an address seek if Emily has any siblings and ...
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  • Miguel – Now Rehomed

    Poor Miguel was taken to Northcote vets for neutering around 6 weeks ago under the cats protection neuter scheme. Unfortunately his finder was not kind to him and abandoned him at the vets. Miguel has over come several minor health problems and is now looking for a new home. He is around 2 to 3 years old and ...
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  • Georgia – Now Rehomed

    This is Georgia Georgia was an owned pet, the last of a litter who was being sold on Facebook for a piffling amount of money. A kind member of the public went and bought her just to prevent a terrible situation that could potentially occur when selling kittens on fb. Once the kitten was safe we were ...
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  • Orchard – Now Rehomed

    This is Orchard … Orchard is a young cat who sadly is heavily pregnant and was being given away free on Facebook. We could not risk the potential fate of the future of this cat and her unborn kittens… therefore she was brought into the safety of the rescue.
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  • Buffy – Now Rehomed

    This is little Buffy. Buffy is around 3 weeks old at the most and was literally dumped on a receptionist at Bradford vets4pets. The finder apparently presented with the kitten declaring that his dog found it. Unfortunately the finder was gone in a flash before reception were able get any further details. Buffy is currently learning how to feed ...
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  • Pouffe and her little Pouffettes. – Now Rehomed

    This is Pouffe and her little Pouffettes. This little family have been abandoned in a garden in the Heaton area of Bradford and have been struggling to find shelter in several gardens for the last few days. Mum is only young herself, possibly 7 months and her kittens are around 5 weeks. The kittens have a few more ...
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  • Teddy and Evie – Now Rehomed

    Devon rex
    This is Teddy and Evie. They are around 4 years old and sadly their owner tragically passed away recently. They will soon be looking for a new home ideally together
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  • Babe, Streaky and Smokey – Now Rehomed

    This is Babe. She arrived after being found in a pigsty with her 2, four week old kittens Streaky and Smokey. All cats and kittens now come with 5 weeks free insurance.
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  • Sweep – Now Rehomed

    This is 4 year old Sweep. Poor Sweep became an unwanted pet and was taken into Pudsey vets4pets by her owner to be euthanized several weeks ago. The vets refused to do this and contacted us to see if we could help. The vets neutered her, treated her for flea allergy dermatitis and looked after her for several ...
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  • Kunis and Kittens – Now Rehomed

    This is little Kunis who has just come into the rescue with her five 3 day old kittens following being found in an abandoned car….. there was glass everywhere and the kittens were just laid in it. It took a few minutes to locate mum… however with the help of local young people we managed to ...
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  • Sunshine – Now Rehomed

    This is Little Miss Sunshine. Sunshine was a stray in the BD9 area and was being fed by neighbours however she was heavily pregnant. She came into the rescue and gave birth to two kittens who sadly passed away. Sunshine has now been neutered and is looking for her furever family. She is a very sweet natured, affectionate ...
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  • Clocks – Now Rehomed

    This is little Clocks Clocks is around 5 months old and was an unwanted pet. She is now looking for a new home. Clocks is sweet loving and affectionate. All our cats and kittens now come with 5 weeks free insurance regardless of age.
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  • Tulip – Now Rehomed

    This is little TULIP and her kittens. Poor TULIP was “found” on a doorstep of a house giving birth earlier today. She has two kittens with her now however at least one had sadly died prior to us arriving. Mum and kittens were very cold however they’re very settled and warm cuddled up together in bed here at ...
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  • Louis – Now Rehomed

    This is little Louis We met Louis at Bramley Vets4pets whilst picking Misty up. Louis was with his owners following a serious accident… although the details of the accident are unclear it is believed that Louis has possibly been involved in a road accident or a fall from a height ? Louis has sustained odd injuries as his ...
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  • Dreamie – Now Rehomed

    This Is Dreamie. Dreamie has been living in the warehouse where we purchase our cat litter from for the last 9 months. Dreamie is now pregnant. Dreamie ( and the staff at the factory) can now rest in the knowledge that she will be able to have her kittens in the safety and warmth of the rescue ...
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