• Garland – Now Rehomed

    Garland arrived with us early December from a vets in Leeds where we were told she had horrific injuries and would need a leg amputation. Luckily this is not the case and through initial confinement and then gentle exercise her mobility is now much improved. Garland is now fit and well and ready to find her ...
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  • Twinkle – Now Rehomed

    Little Twinkle arrived at the rescue in late November 2015 following being found as a stray. She had been in a road accident and suffered a badly broken pelvis. She is a sweet natured girl around 12 months old. Twinkle is well on the road to recovery and is looking for a fur-ever home. We hope Twinkle will be ...
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  • Peggy – Now Rehomed

    Peggy arrived at the rescue at the end of November following her being left behind after her owners moved. We believe she is around 1 year old and that she has previously been in some kind of accident. She only has 3 legs and has a slight facial disfigurement around her mouth. Peggy will be health checked by ...
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  • Ba-Ba – Now Rehomed

    Nellie and BaBa
    Looking for a purrfect home Nellie has now found her purrfect home. Ba-Ba is still looking for his purrfect home. If you would like to meet Ba-Ba please contact the rescue on 07942822509.
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  • Connie – Now Rehomed

    Fur-ever Home Wanted Connie is around 15 weeks old Connie and her sister Fir (who has now been rehomed) has returned from foster care as they were very nervous then developed health complications. Connie is now very well and has been health checked by our vet and begun the vaccination programme. If you would like to meet ...
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  • Honey, Lemon and Cinnamon – Now Rehomed

    Honey, Lemon and Cinnamon These 3 adorable kittens are looking for their furever homes. Though a little nervous, they are sweet in nature and in need of lots of love. Honey and Lemon are both ginger females and Cinnamon is a little lad. If you would like to meet Honey, Lemon and Cinnamon please contact the rescue ...
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  • Dee – Now Rehomed

    Dee web
    Looking for a new home Delightful Dee has just come back from a long spell in foster care following a serious RTA. She is now fully recovered and looking for a purrfect home. . She is a young adult and is an absolute delight to live with..she is very much an affectionate lap cat.
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  • Elliot – Now Rehomed

    Elliot arrived at the rescue in mid November after being at the vets for a full day following a serious tail injury. Though the cause of his injury is unknown it was necessary to amputate Elliot’s tail. Elliot is now recovering and on pain relief and antibiotics.
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  • Stocking – Now Rehomed

      Stocking arrived with us in November 2015 following a horrific broken leg… possibly caused from a fall from a height. After several failed plaster casts and dressings (because Stocking took exception to wearing them) we opted for a cage rest approach. She is a sweet natured and adorable young cat. Stocking is now looking for a fur=ever family ...
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  • Rufus – Now Rehomed

    Cheeky Rufus has been to the vets for a pre adoption health check. He has had his 1st vaccine and is now looking for a new home. He has been described as a little miracle by our vets. If any one would be interested in adopting Rufus please contact the rescue on 07942822509 Please note we ...
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  • Monet, Picasso and Matisse – Now Rehomed

    Picasso and co
    Monet, Picasso and Matisse arrived at the rescue in mid November at only 7 weeks old. These 3 little loves are around 8 weeks old and are looking for their furever homes. Their owner was unable to keep them however arrangements to have their mum neutered have already been made. If you would like to meet Monet, Picasso ...
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  • Marley – Now Rehomed

    Marley is around 5 years old and his owner is sadly has deteriorating dementia and is needing to move into a more supportive environment where she cannot take him with her. He is a sweet natured boy and is looking for a loving furever family. If you would like to meet Marley please contact the rescue ...
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  • Toffee and Popcorn

    toffee and popcorn
    Toffee and Popcorn came into the rescue just days old when they had been dumped in a box at a vets practice in Bradford. Volunteers have nursed and nurtured them throughout their stay with us… feeds initially were every 20 minutes. Now, 8 weeks later Toffee and Popcorn are preparing to find a new home. ...
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  • Tobias – Now Rehomed

    Tobias arrived at the rescue in early October. We don’t know much about Tobias’s history but what we do know is that he is a playful and affectionate boy around 8 months old. If you would like to meet Tobias please contact the rescue on 07942822509.
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  • Smokey and Bandit – Now Rehomed

    Smokey and Bandit
    Smokey and Bandit are around 14 weeks and are looking for a home. They came into the rescue as their owner was unable to keep them due to personal circumstances. If you would be interested in adopting this pair then please contact us on 07942822509.
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  • Crunchie, Bounty, Snickers and Jaffa – Now Rehomed

    Crunchie, Jaffa, Snickers and Bounty
    These 4 kittens arrived in Mid October and are looking for their furever homes. They have all had their 1st vaccinations. If you would like to meet them please contact the rescue on 07942822509/
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  • Magenta – Now Rehomed

    Fur-ever Home Wanted Sweet Magenta is around 3 years old and will soon be looking for a home. Her history is limited as she was a stray in central Bradford and was taken in by a member of the public some time ago… however due to health difficulties they were unable to keep her any longer. Magenta is ...
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  • Petal-Now Rehomed

    Pretty Petal arrived at BCWR kittens end of September following being found stray, dirty and distressed in the BD9 area. Petal is now looking for her furever home. If you would like to meet Petal please contact the rescue on 07942822509
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  • Bindy – Now Rehomed

    Beautiful Bindy is around one year old and has been in the rescue some time following being found heavily pregnant in a garden. Bindy is very sweet, loving and affectionate and would suit most family homes. If you are interested in meeting Bindy please contact the rescue on 07942822509 for further details.
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  • Kingston – Now Rehomed

    Fur-ever Home Wanted Kingston arrived at the rescue at the end of October We received a call from a woman who simply stated : “there is a cat in a bag your garden”. Volunteers hunted in the garden and after a few minutes we indeed found this lovely lad squashed in a tiny cat carrying bag that ...
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  • Ebony and Boots – Now Rehomed

    ebony and boots
    Ebony and Boots This lovely pair are mum and son and have been at the rescue since November 2015. Ebony was found under a hedge in a garden whilst giving birth. Boots is now 9 weeks old and is particularly a special kitten. He has a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia. .. otherwise known as wobbly kitten syndrome. This condition affects ...
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  • Polo – Now Rehomed

    Polo arrived at the rescue in Early November. We noticed via FB that there was an injured cat in Harehills and we offered to help. Information prior to getting there suggested that this cat was seriously injured and needed immediate transfer to the emergency vets however on arrival this was not the case. It seems Polo (as we ...
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  • Nigel – Now Rehomed

    Nigel (Mansell) arrived at BCWR in August 2015 following us receiving a phone call from a vets in Bradford asking us to take him. Nigel had been taken into the vets by a large animal welfare organization following been found stray at a racetrack in Bradford with an injured paw. He promptly saw our vets who advised ...
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  • Oreo – Now Rehomed

    This young lad is looking for a home. He is 1 to 2 years old and suffered much trauma in his early years. He arrived with us with a horrific pelvic injury however after several months of veterinary and nursing care at the rescue he is now in great health and looking for his ...
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  • Prince Now Rehomed

    This is Prince. Prince was handed into abbey house vets in Leeds in Early October following an RTA. The vets at Abbey House have been fantastic with Prince and once we assured them that he could have a definite place in the rescue they proceeded with emergency surgery and we’re happy to fund this from their stray ...
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