• Bramley- Now Rehomed

    Bramley was found living in a shed in the Leeds area with newborn kittens and came in to the rescue in late April. Bramley is around 1 year old and is a gentle and affectionate cat and both her and her kittens will be available from the end of July . If you would ...
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  • Royston- Now Rehomed

    Royston arrived with us in early June following being taken to a vets in Bradford injured after a road accident. The vets were not able to do any diagnostic testing due to financial restraints as he was not an owned pet and funding that the RSPCA authorised for emergency treatment only covered basic pain relief. When Royston ...
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  • Summer- Now Rehomed

    This is little Summer around 9 weeks old. She was an unwanted pet… yet we cannot understand why as she is so loving and sweet. Summer is looking for her furever home. If you would like to meet Summer please contact the rescue on 07942822509
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  • Jiffy- Now Rehomed

    This is little Jiffy. Jiffy was taken to a vets practice in Bradford following being found by staff when they arrived at work this morning. We have been told that Jiffy had been posted through the office letterbox and was sat in the secure box on the back of the door where the letters ...
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  • Beethoven- Now Rehomed

    Hello my name is Beethoven. I am around 1 years old and my hobbies are singing and eating. I would ideally suit an indoor life as I am profoundly deaf. Prior to coming to this lovely rescue I had been looked after on the streets for months by residents of BD10. Whilst living rough ...
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  • Pearl- Now Rehomed

    Pearl arrived in the rescue in early May with her newborn kittens. Pearl had been taken in as a stray cat by her finder but hours after birth she began to reject her kittens. We spent 48 hours encouraging and supporting mum whilst she slowly accepted that the kittens were indeed hers. Sadly she lost her kittens shortly ...
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  • Pecan- Now Rehomed

    Pecan is the last kitten from Almond’s litter that is waiting for her furever home She is very loving and playful If you would like to meet Pecan please contact the rescue on 07942822509
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  • Hanky- Now Rehomed

    Hanky is sweet yet very lively kitten who is 12 weeks old. When pregnant Sapphire his mother arrived with us following her being found living stray. She had horrendous cat flu. Hanky is is her only surviving kitten and is now very cheeky, healthy and happy Hanky is now looking for his furever home ...
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  • Sapphire-Now Rehomed

    Sweet natured Sapphire arrived at the rescue in late March heavily pregnant. She had been living stray for quite some time. When she arrived she had horrendous cat flu however she has overcome this well. Sapphire is now looking for a loving furever home If you would like to meet Sapphire please contact the rescue on 07942822509
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  • Claudia-Now Rehomed

    Claudia is a playful and sweet natured cat, who was being fed by a lady in the BD6 area. It was discovered that Claudia had recently given birth to kittens which were no where to be found and we believe had probably died. Claudia is probably only around 10 months old and has been neutered. If ...
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  • Foster- Now Rehomed

    Little Foster at around 5-6 weeks old arrived at the rescue in Mid May. He was found strayed from mum and siblings in the Forster Square area. We have since caught his mum and sister and little Foster is preparing to leave the rescue when he finds a new family. If you would like to know more ...
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  • Tia-Now Rehomed

    Tia arrived from Halifax in mid may She was found in dreadful conditions. Tia is now looking for a loving home If you would like to know more about Tia please contact Katie on 07942822509
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  • Martha- Now Rehomed

    mischievous Martha at around 9 weeks old arrived at the rescue in Mid May she needs lots of love and tlc following been found stray .
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  • Biscuit- Now Rehomed

    New arrival last night 4 week old baby biscuit… found stray… apparently was being abused by youngsters in the street and in addition to that all her siblings had previously died.
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  • Ella- Now Rehomed

    Ella was brought into the rescue with her 3 newborn kittens in early May. Her kittens were cold, weak and rigid like blocks of ice. We revived all the kittens on arrival however they were so weak they did not live beyond 10 days. Ella’s affectionate, sweet and loving and looks forward to finding ...
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  • Eddie- Now Rehomed

    Eddie arrived at the rescue in Mid May. He was extremely dehydrated and had been found living in a warehouse over the last 4 days constantly crying but getting weaker by the hour.  A member of staff thankfully eventually took the kitten home and asked a cat loving neighbour for advice and by chance ...
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  • Claret- Now Rehomed

    This is Claret. An entire male, tabby and white kitty who was involved in an RTA on Fagley Road. Whilst we were at the vets collecting our other poorly kitty “Randolph” a client flew through the door to tell the staff that a cat had been run over and killed up the road. We ...
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  • The 5 Little Wonders- Now Rehomed

    the 5 little wonders
    These little sweet hearts came into the rescue around in May when their mother had been fatally involved in a road accident. The owner at the time had no time or skills to care for these kittens who were only days old when they became orphans. They have been intensively cared for around the clock by volunteers ...
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  • Randolph- Now Rehomed

    Brave Randolph arrived in the rescue in May as he had been taken to the emergency vets following a serious head injury. He had sustained severe concussion causing long term brain damage resulting in radial paralysis. With our supportive care he has learnt to walk again !!! We have intensively nursed Randolph and soon ...
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  • Jester and Joker- Now Rehomed

    Jester and Joker
    Jester and Joker are 2 adorable kittens looking for a home. They arrived at the rescue in early May at around only 8 weeks old, and are now looking for a home.
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  • Tate and Lyle-Now Rehomed

    Tate and Lyle
    Tate and Lyle are 2 adorable kittens looking for a home. They arrived at the rescue in early May at around only 7 week old. They will be ready to leave the rescue mid May.
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  • May- Now Rehomed

    May and her 4 week old kittens arrived at BCWR in early May. They were living in an industrial estate unit in appalling conditions. May’s kittens will be all looking for new homes very soon. If you would like to know more about May’s kittens contact Katie on 07942822509
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  • Bear- Now Rehomed

    Bear had arrived at the rescue at the end of April. Bear had been a long time stray in the BD2 area, he is thin, raggy, Un-neutered yet very affectionate. He has a minor injury to his right hind paw. Bear will be looking for a home very soon If you would like to ...
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  • Norwood and kittens- Now Rehomed

    Norwood and her kittens arrived at the rescue in early May Norwood was living stray and give birth to her kittens and dumped in someone’s garage. We had spent 3 hours methodically, patiently and relentlessly trying different ways of catching them. Norwood and her kittens will all be looking for new homes soon. If ...
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  • Saddler- Now Rehomed

    Sweet Saddler arrived at the rescue in mid April following being a stray in Bradford for many months. We believe he is around 18 months old. He had horrific wounds caused by flea allergy dermatitis however he received immediate veterinary care and he is now in great condition. He would be most suited to a home without other ...
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