• Bindy – Now Rehomed

    Beautiful Bindy is around one year old and has been in the rescue some time following being found heavily pregnant in a garden. Bindy is very sweet, loving and affectionate and would suit most family homes. If you are interested in meeting Bindy please contact the rescue on 07942822509 for further details.
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  • Kingston – Now Rehomed

    Fur-ever Home Wanted Kingston arrived at the rescue at the end of October We received a call from a woman who simply stated : “there is a cat in a bag your garden”. Volunteers hunted in the garden and after a few minutes we indeed found this lovely lad squashed in a tiny cat carrying bag that ...
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  • Ebony and Boots – Now Rehomed

    ebony and boots
    Ebony and Boots This lovely pair are mum and son and have been at the rescue since November 2015. Ebony was found under a hedge in a garden whilst giving birth. Boots is now 9 weeks old and is particularly a special kitten. He has a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia. .. otherwise known as wobbly kitten syndrome. This condition affects ...
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  • Polo – Now Rehomed

    Polo arrived at the rescue in Early November. We noticed via FB that there was an injured cat in Harehills and we offered to help. Information prior to getting there suggested that this cat was seriously injured and needed immediate transfer to the emergency vets however on arrival this was not the case. It seems Polo (as we ...
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  • Nigel – Now Rehomed

    Nigel (Mansell) arrived at BCWR in August 2015 following us receiving a phone call from a vets in Bradford asking us to take him. Nigel had been taken into the vets by a large animal welfare organization following been found stray at a racetrack in Bradford with an injured paw. He promptly saw our vets who advised ...
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  • Oreo – Now Rehomed

    This young lad is looking for a home. He is 1 to 2 years old and suffered much trauma in his early years. He arrived with us with a horrific pelvic injury however after several months of veterinary and nursing care at the rescue he is now in great health and looking for his ...
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  • Prince Now Rehomed

    This is Prince. Prince was handed into abbey house vets in Leeds in Early October following an RTA. The vets at Abbey House have been fantastic with Prince and once we assured them that he could have a definite place in the rescue they proceeded with emergency surgery and we’re happy to fund this from their stray ...
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  • Hook- Now Rehomed

    Handsome Hook at only a few weeks old came into the rescue a in mid September following an RTA. He has had major surgery to repair and pin a very complex fracture of one of his legs. Hook is now looking for his furever home. If you would like to meet Hook please contact the rescue on 07942822509.
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  • Charlotte and Emily – Now Reserved

    charlotte and emily
    Charlotte and Emily are 2 sisters that arrived at the end of August both pregnant after being abandoned in a garden when the owners moved house. Charlotte and Emily are now looking for their furever home together as they have such a lovely bond. If you would like to meet Charlotte and Emily please contact the rescue ...
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  • Bill and Ben- Now Rehomed

    Bill and Ben
    Beautiful Bill and Ben are the last of a litter and are around 9 weeks old…. both looking for a home. If you would like to meet Bill and Ben or you think you could give them a furever home, please do not hesitate to contact the rescue on 07942822509.
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  • Cherish- Now Rehomed

    https://www.facebook.com/BCWRKittens/videos/o.61368066971/875054252560471/?type=2&theater Cherish arrived with us a couple of weeks ago . It is believed that she has been brutally stamped upon, causing a fractured pelvis and severe internal bruising. Now Cherish is bright, healthy and happy and her body is healing well. Cherish is not looking for her furever home yet. If you would like ...
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  • Coconut and Snap-Now Rehomed

    Coconut and Ginger snap
    Butterscotch’s kittens are now 9 week old and are looking for a home. Ideally we would like this pair to go together.
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  • Hendricks-Now Rehomed

    Hendricks arrived at the rescue in Mid July. He is 12 weeks old. He was an unwanted pet and was bought for a 3 year old. Hendricks is looking for his purrfect home. If you would like to meet Hendricks please contact the rescue on 07942822509
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  • Rodney

    Rodney had been living stray in the Manningham area of Bradford for approximately 2 years. He will be most suited to a household with no other animals however he is extremely loving and affectionate. We are unsure of his age but we believe him to be under 5 years and is extremely healthy. If you would like ...
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  • Betty Boop-Now Rehomed

    Betty Boop Arrived in Mid July and recieved emergency treatment. She has a severe infection caused by a probable allergic reaction. We will be making sure Betty makes a full recovery here at BCWR and she will be looking for her purfect home soon. If you would like to meet Betty please contact the ...
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  • Rob, Curtis, Alex and Sophie- Now Rehomed

    Rob, Curtis, Alex and Sophie
    Rob, Curtis, Alex and Sophie arrived at the rescue in Mid July. They were dumped in store at Bradford Pets at Home. The staff found a bag around the till area and could not believe their eyes when they saw what was inside. They checked on the CCTV and blatantly saw a man drop ...
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  • Beauty- Now Rehomed

    This is little Beauty who arrived at the rescue in mid July. She was an unwanted pet from the Leeds student area. Beauty is around 8 weeks old and is now looking for her furever home If you would like to meet Beauty please contact the rescue on 07942822509
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  • Shirley, Chuck and Jacko- Now Rehomed

    Shirley, Chuck and Jacko
    Shirley, Chuck and Jacko have been rescued from a Facebook post where they were being advertised “free to any home”… where obviously they could easily fall into the wrong hands. They are around 14 weeks old and looking for their purrfect homes. If you would like to meet Shirley, Chuck and Jacko please contact ...
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  • Tilly and Toes- Now Rehomed

    tilly, willy and toes
    Tilly, Willy and Toes are around 8 weeks old and looking for a home. Their previous owner no longer wanted them as they were a burden on her time and finances….. such a shame. If you would like to meet Tilly, Willy and Toes please contact the rescue on 07942822509
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  • Sherry- Now Rehomed

    Sherry arrived at the rescue in Early July. Sherry is a young cat under 1 years old and is believed to be pregnant. She has been a high profile stray in BD4 for several months and is now safe. If you would like to meet Sherry please contact the rescue on 07942822509
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  • Frieda- Now Rehomed

    Bjorn, Benny, Frieda, Anna
    These 4 kittens had neurological problems they were dumped in a box at ikea. They still seem to have vision difficulties. against the odds Frieda is thew only surviving kitten and she has no long term or neurological problems or concerns. Frieda is now looking for her furever home. If you would like to ...
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  • Tigz and Snap- Now Rehomed

    Tigz and Snap
    Tigz and Snap are doing amazingly well. … still enjoying a couple of bottles a day… big softies…. they will soon be looking for a new home… hopefully together. If you would like to meet Tigz and Snap please contact the rescue on 07942822509
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  • Blossom- Now Rehomed

    This is little Blossom… she is around 4 weeks old and was left all on her own between 2 garages in leeds. Apparently someone called a large animal welfare organisation regarding mum and Kittens. .. and they came out and removed them …and in mid June neighbours spotted little Blossom all on her own. ...
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  • Frankie and Bennie- Now Rehomed

    frankie and bennie
    These 2 brothers have just arrived in the rescue mid June as they had been taken to a vets in Bradford and yet again we were told that they would be euthanaised if we didn’t take them. They have mild conjunctivitis and are now on treatment for this and hopefully will be ready for ...
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  • Nora – Now Rehomed

    Poor Nora was only 6 months old when she arrived at the rescue in early June. She was found in a garden in Bradford. She was then taken into a vets practice and was due to be euthanaised if we didn’t take her. Nora has been at the rescue quite some time and she is still looking ...
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