• Arnie- Now Rehomed

    Arnie was admitted via a vets in Leeds as he had been in an RTA & was risk been euthanized due to his injuries and being a probable stray. He suffered a broken jaw & pelvic injury. He arrived early April 2015. And is now looking for a loving forever home. If you would ...
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  • April- Now Rehomed

    New arrivals today is April and her 5, three day old kittens. They have just arrived and are settling in to life here at BCWR. We will be monitoring April and her kittens around the clock to make sure they are in perfect condition. If you want to find out more about April and her kittens contact Katie ...
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  • Judy and her Kittens- Now Rehomed

    Judy and her kittens arrived at the rescue on 28th of February 2015. Judy and her 5 newborn kittens were found in a shed in BD6 area. We will be looking after Judy and her kittens till they are ready to find their new furever home. If you would like to find out more about Judy and ...
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  • Tasha and her Kittens- Now Rehomed

    Terrific Tasha gave birth to her Kittens at last in the early hours of Monday morning. We sat with her throughout the night offering love and reassurance. She gave birth to 3 healthy and chunky kitties and the 4th was sadly stillborn. We will be looking after Tash and her kittens till they are ready to find ...
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  • Pip- Now Rehomed

    This is Pretty Pip. She had been living stray in a garden for several months and is was heavily pregnant. She has now had her kittens which were born end of March and they are all looking for homes towards the end of May. She has had several previous litters however thankfully this is her last. If ...
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  • Dawn-Rehomed

    Delightful Dawn arrived at the rescue with her lovely new born kittens on Sunday morning. She had been living as a stray cat for quite some time prior to running in the house and giving birth in a child’s bedroom only the day before. We will be looking after Dawn and her kittens till they are ready ...
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  • Onyx- Now Rehomed

    Young mum Onyx who at around 7 months old was brought to the rescue in mid-February following being found in a garden in a box with her newborn kittens. She is was a super mum and all of her kittens have been rehomed and around April 2015 Onyx will hopefully find her new family to go ...
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  • Smudge and Fringe

    Smudge and Fringe
    Smudge and Fringe are two adorable kitties that have been in the rescue since November 2014 when they were just around 5 months old. When we rescued them they were living in terrible conditions with many other cats of varying ages in a small colony in a garden. We worked with the feeder and arranged the neutering ...
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  • Tasha- Now Rehomed

    Tasha arrived at the rescue late January heavily pregnant. Tasha was an unwanted pet and was taken in by an elderly lady whilst she sought a safe haven for her. She has been subject to much abuse by children in the house and outside in the area where she was originally living and equally as upsetting she ...
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  • Lovely to see Lola!!!

    We came to the rescue to see another kitty and ended up going home with our Lola! She snuggled into my hubby and wouldn’t let go, she chose us and wasn’t taking no for an answer. She’s as much a part of our family as we are, she never leaves our side and has such a lovely ...
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  • Pawfect happy ending- Domino and Diego

    domino and diego
    Here are Domino and Diego. Previously Ben and Jerry, adopted from you at the end of October 2014. They are such characters and keep us endlessly entertained. My daughter was completely entranced with them the moment she saw them. Due to the care and handling they had from you they settled in immediately, and have taken over our ...
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  • Lovely to see Bella and Buddy- two paws from the past!!!

    This is the story of Bella and Buddy (Mildred and George) …..It was our first ever visit to Katie and upon entering her rescue Bella would not let us leave!! Bella was adopted in June 2014, she came to join our older cats Tommy, Jerri and Peppa. Bella had been rescued after being found being tormented ...
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