• Lovely to see Lola!!!

    We came to the rescue to see another kitty and ended up going home with our Lola! She snuggled into my hubby and wouldn’t let go, she chose us and wasn’t taking no for an answer. She’s as much a part of our family as we are, she never leaves our side and has such a lovely ...
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  • Pawfect happy ending- Domino and Diego

    domino and diego
    Here are Domino and Diego. Previously Ben and Jerry, adopted from you at the end of October 2014. They are such characters and keep us endlessly entertained. My daughter was completely entranced with them the moment she saw them. Due to the care and handling they had from you they settled in immediately, and have taken over our ...
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  • Lovely to see Bella and Buddy- two paws from the past!!!

    This is the story of Bella and Buddy (Mildred and George) …..It was our first ever visit to Katie and upon entering her rescue Bella would not let us leave!! Bella was adopted in June 2014, she came to join our older cats Tommy, Jerri and Peppa. Bella had been rescued after being found being tormented ...
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