• Mollie – Now Rehomed

    This is Mollie. Mollie is 4 years old and has had an unsettled few weeks. Mollie will soon be available for adoption.
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  • Zoe – Now Rehomed

    This is Zoe. She is around 7 months old and was abandoned by her owner when they moved house. She isn’t microchipped and we believe she is not neutered either… she was just left on the streets to fend for herself. We hope that very soon Zoe will be available for adoption.
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  • Oscar – Now Rehomed

    Around 9pm volunteers were called by a concerned member of the public following concerns for the welfare of a cat. This little bundle of fluff is only around 14 weeks old yet has sustained terrible injuries to one of his hind legs. Emergency treatment has been given and includes pain relief, and fluid therapy. Oscar will be taken ...
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  • Hank – Now Rehomed

    This is little Hank. Poor Hank is only around 8 weeks old, was an unwanted pet and left outside in the snow and Baltic conditions last night. Hank has a few visible health issues including diarrhoea, flea infestation, worms and an eye infection. Hank has already had emergency treatment and we hope soon he will be recovered and ...
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  • Nancy – Now Rehomed

    This is little Nancy Nancy was found at the beginning of February living in terrible conditions. She is around 4 months old and is currently and understandably a little nervous. We are confident that in a few days she will feel a little more confident and happy in the rescue. Nancy will hopefully soon be looking for a new ...
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  • Beatrice – Now Rehomed

    This is Beatrice. Beatrice is around 6 to 8 months old and was handed in to Yorkshire Vets at Thornbury 7 days ago by the RSPCA following a member of the public finding her as a stray. On arrival at the vets she was described as having conjunctivitis, enlarged lymph nodes… a large tummy and possibly pregnant. Now ...
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  • Fraggle – Now Rehomed

    This is little Fraggle. Fraggle is around 8 weeks old and was found earlier today petrified and wandering the streets. The finder has not had any sightings of mum however she continues to look for her. Fraggle has already had treatment for fleas and worms and hopefully will soon be looking for a new home.
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  • Candy Kittens – Now Rehomed

    Dip, Dab, Drumstick and Fudge These four Kittens are aged between 9 to 14 weeks old and arrived into the rescue at the beginning of January, we have collectively named them the “Candy Kittens”. The kittens had ringworm and were isolated with a specially trained fosterer with strict infection control protocols in place. We do not believe that ...
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  • Charlie – Now Rehomed

    This is cheeky Charlie. Charlie is around 6 years old and was an owned pet. His owner sadly was unable to keep Charlie due to personal circumstances. Charlie will very soon be looking for a new home.
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  • Salt, Pepper and Saucey – Now Rehomed

    Salt,pepper and Saucey
    Salt, Pepper and Saucey These 3 kittens were seen by a volunteer earlier today on Facebook for sale. Many of us are aware of the fate of kittens in this situation and offered to help. As well as collecting the kittens we also provided valuable information on keeping mum safe and getting her neutered. These kittens will not be ...
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  • Milo – Now Rehomed

    This is Milo, Milo is around 4 months old and was an unwanted pet. Milo will hopefully be available for adoption very soon
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  • Sugar and Spice – Now Rehomed

    Sugar and Spice
    this is Sugar and Spice… these sisters are around 7 months old and were unwanted pets. They appear to be not particularly close relationally therefore we will be happy for them to be rehomed separately. We hope that they will very available for rehoming very soon.
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  • Alf – Now Rehomed

    This is little Alf. Poor Alf is in such a state… he has horrendous diarrhoea , severely dehydrated and lethargic. Alf has been living in a works yard in Bradford for several years however now he needs care and love and medical attention. Alf has been assessed by the vets already. Alf is currently receiving intensive care at BCWR ...
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  • Nikki – Now Rehomed

    9 months ago poor Nikki was living stray and was pregnant. A kind person took her in, looked after her, responsibly rehomed her kittens and ensured she and the kittens were neutered. Unfortunately circumstances have changed for the family and they are no longer able to keep Nikki. Thankfully she is safe with us now and won’t end ...
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  • Dolly – Now Rehomed

    Delightful Dolly has been a stray for quite some time however now she is pregnant. We were contacted by a member of the public to see if we would help. Dolly is now warm and safe and can have her kittens in the comfort and love of the rescue.
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  • Millicent – Now Rehomed

    This is little Millicent who was an unwanted cat and has very quickly followed her kittens Beano, Dandy and Dennis into the rescue. Milli who is sweet and loving will soon be neutered and be looking for a new home. She is around 18 months old.
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  • Harlequin – Now Rehomed

    Hartley and Harlequin arrived a few weeks ago here at BCWR following being suddenly made homeless. This pair lived in a works depot in Hartlepool for a few years however the depot was demolished in January. A volunteer from BCWR liased with a A to Bradford Direct who were transporting commercial equipment back to Bradford from the ...
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  • Dennis, Beano and Dandy – Now Rehomed

    Comic kittens
    This is Dennis, Beano, and Dandy. They are only 10 weeks old and we’re terrified when we collected them from a basement in a residential property. These poor little loves were the product of an unwanted litter and were starving when they got here. We offered much information and support to the family regarding getting mum neutered. Though a ...
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  • Charlotte – Now Rehomed

    This is Charlotte. Charlotte is around 18 month old and mum to 5 months old Lydia who arrived earlier. Like Lydia, Charlotte has now been neutered and is looking for a new home…. it is however not necessary that they are rehomed together.
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  • Mr. Beecham – Now Rehomed

    Mr Beecham
    This is Mr. Beecham Beecham was taken to Yorkshire Vets following being picked up as a stray by the RSPCA. We were contacted to see if we could help . Poor Beecham is only around 10 weeks old has moderate flu symptoms. He will be treated in isolation at a foster carers prior being available for adoption.
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  • Epiphany (Pip) – Now Rehomed

    This is little Epiphany… (Pip). She has allegedly been living stray in the BD4 area and is now possibly pregnant. She is in excellent condition (for a stray). We will monitor Pip and offer her the best care possible and she will be surrounded by comfort, warmth and above all love.
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  • Lydia – Now Rehomed

    Lydia is around 5 months old and living stray in Liversedge. Several weeks ago a local cat rescue arranged to neuter her however denied any further help as they believed her to be feral ….this is far from the case… she is sweet, loving and affectionate… and we are sure will become a very much ...
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  • Dyno – Now Rehomed

    Dyno is only around 14 weeks and is believed to have been stray but last night was found in a gutter. He is a sweet boy and will very soon be looking for a new home.
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  • Lola – Now Rehomed

    This is lovely Lola. Poor Lola was found dumped, by a member of the public early this morning under the arches near Forster Square Station. She was in a relatively new carrier which had a note attached. Lola is around 4 to 5 months old and has been neutered in the last few weeks. We hope that Lola will ...
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  • Piper and Lady Dancer – Now Rehomed

    Lady Dancer has just arrived and joined her sister Piper who arrived last night. In certain areas in Bradford there are many stray cats and kittens and a few members of the public step up and take responsibility. In the area where these kittens have been stray a while a lovely lady has been helping by arranging ...
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