• Misty – Now Rehomed

    This is Misty. Poor Misty is around 8 months old and we believe that sadly she has been a victim of a spate of localised poisonings in the Heddon area in BD5. She is very poorly, and is being intensively cared for by trained volunteers. She is currently on intravenous fluids, pain relief and antibiotics. It is hard to ...
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  • Amazon – Now Rehomed

    When I got up early morning I was livid to see a parcel had been dumped over my garden gate.. I thought to myself…. I know that delivery companies are under so much pressure at this time if year… but still no excuse. I had been awake hours and never heard him knock. I went outside to ...
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  • Rudolph – Now Rehomed

    Little Rudolph is only around 7 to 8 weeks and has suffered a significant orthopaedic injury to his hind legs. A fractured pelvis appears to be the most likely injury sustained. Whilst there is no evidence of a road accident this kitty has suffered severe trauma. Emergency treatment including pain relief, antibiotics and anti inflammatory medication has been ...
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  • Oliver,Nancy, Fagin and Humbug – Now Rehomed

    This is Oliver, Nancy Humbug and Fagin. They are all around 6 to 9 months and were simply product of an unwanted litter now they have grown up. Though a little nervous they are quite settled in the rescue already. We plan to get then neutered next week then shortly after Christmas they will be looking for their ...
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  • Belle and Bow – Now Rehomed

    This is beautiful Belle and Bow. They were the product of an unwanted litter. This pair are around 12 weeks old and very soon will be looking for a new home. We have provided much information to the owner about neutering and the Importance of this.
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  • Leyland – Now Rehomed

    This is lucky little Leyland who is only around 12 weeks old and was found by a concerned truck driver who witnessed her dodging vehicles on a very busy road on Bradford . The truck driver thankfully swerved narrowly missing her. We are not entirely sure if she was clipped by a vehicle however we are closely ...
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  • Wheelie – Now Rehomed

    Wheelie was found in a bin store in a block of flats. We were contacted by the finder who was concerned about his general health. On initial examination we discovered that he is around 14 weeks old but had a heavy worm burden causing unpleasant diarrhoea and a bloated tummy. A further concern is that Wheelie seems to ...
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  • Teacup – Now Rehomed

    Teacup was an owned pet who was taken into a vets today and on discovery that she was pregnant and likely complications may be ahead the owner no longer wanted any responsibility for her. She is only a young cat and is being closely monitored here at BCWR.
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  • Dew, Mist and Frost – Now Rehomed

    This is Dew, Mist and Frost. Quick thinking staff at Pets at Home in Bradford intercepted when a woman was seen attempting to sell them outside the pet store. They are around 8 weeks old and hopefully soon will be looking for new homes.
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  • Elsa – Now Rehomed

    This is 9 month old Elsa, who sadly was an unwanted pet when she initially came to us. Elsa did think she had found her furever home however due unfortunate circumstances this did not work out. Elsa is of a quiet nature and is profoundly deaf. Elsa is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped…. and now looking for a furever ...
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  • Friday – Now Rehomed

    Friday arrived with us on Black Friday following being taken into a vets in Wakefield as an injured stray. The vets provided no care what so ever in the 24 hour period they had him except a base line pain relief and contacted us to see if we could help. We couldn’t bare to think of him ...
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  • Trax – Now Rehomed

    This is little Trax. We were contacted on 4 separate occasions today about this poor kitty who was running in and out of the tax office in Bradford then sitting in front of trains … and refusing to move. Trax is around 6 to 9 months old, loving and sweet and will soon be looking for a ...
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  • Tom, Dick and Harry – Now Rehomed

    This is Tom, Dick and Harry. This 10 week old trio were the product of an unwanted litter and were unwanted by the owner. Thankfully mum has been neutered so will not have to go through this ordeal again. These 3 kittens will soon be looking for a new home.
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  • Bellissima – Now Rehomed

    Bellissima is an adorable, sweet natured and sadly unwanted kitty who is believed to be pregnant. She can now rest in her beautiful bed… surrounded by love, warmth and comfort as she awaits the birth of her kittens.
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  • Ki-Ora and Robinson – Now Rehomed

    Ki-ora and Robinson. This adorable pair are only aroun 6 month old and were apparent strays for quite some time in the BD10 area of Bradford. Both are sweet natured and in excellent condition except a few fleas. Hopefully this pair will be vet checked, neutered and available for rehoming very soon.
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  • Colours and Kittens – Now Rehomed

    Colours, Uni and Benetton have been living in an elderly couples out building for the last week. Colours has her two 1 week old kittens with her and is now enjoying the warmth, comfort and love of life here at BCWR. These kitties are not looking for new homes or being considered for adoption at this time.
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  • Pudding – NowRehomed

    Pudding was presented to Bradford Vets4Pets on Thornton Road as a stray that had been seen vomiting in September. They admitted him as he had no where to go as we were very full and needed to observe if indeed he was still vomiting after medication. They did not observe any more vomiting but did note he ...
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  • Richmond – Now Rehomed

    Richmond presented at Thornton Road Vets4Pets yesterday after being found in the yard of a basement flat. He was soaked in his own urine and had an open wound near his anus, a large friction graze under his tail and he was lame on his right hind leg. Despite his injuries he was starving and was grabbing ...
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  • Blush – Now Rehomed

    Beautiful Blush has just arrived after a long and traumatic day. She was taken into a vets in Harrogate by a member of the public following a horrific road traffic incident. She has sustained terrible injuries to her leg including a displaced fracture which may result in surgery or even amputation. Our dedicated volunteers will be nursing Blush ...
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  • Oki Cokey – Now Rehomed

    This is Oki Cokey. We have been planning for Oki to be admitted for a few days. He was a much loved pet and the owner did not feel equipped to deal with the care and commitment of nursing him. Around 2 weeks ago Oki was involved in a road traffic incident and both his front legs were ...
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  • Tikka and Masala – Now Rehomed

    This is little Tikka and Masala. Found cold, wet, tired and hungry behind a take away in Bradford. They are both riddled with fleas have anaemia and are dehydrated. We have had so many cases like this recently… some have survived and some simply were too weak. Both Tikka and Masala have had emergency treatment including fluids, antibiotics and ...
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  • Paper Kittens – Now Rehomed

    This is Star, Sun, Mirror, Inde and Sporty. They are beautiful 7 week old kittens who will soon be looking for a new home. These kittens were the product of an unwanted and unexpected litter and mum is now booked in for neutering. The owner took mum in off the streets not realising she was pregnant and was ...
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  • Rocket – Now Rehomed

    Baby Rocket is just 3 to 4 weeks old and was handed into Calder Vets, Dewsbury. He was found outside in the cold on his own… we do not have any other information or history. He is currently being fed every 3 hours by volunteers… alongside 9 other motherless kittens all under 4 weeks old here ...
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  • Blaze – Now Rehomed

    This is beautiful Blaze who is around 5 months old. She was living stray for several weeks before she came into the rescue. She is currently in foster care and growing in confidence. We hope that soon she will be neutered and available for rehoming.
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  • Halloween Kittens – Now Rehomed

    These kitties are only 4 weeks old and sadly their mummy is too poorly to look after them. Their mummy was rushed to the vets with intersuseption and has had major surgery. The owner was desperate to get the kitties help as they did not feel equipped to deal with hand rearing. The kittens will be fed initially ...
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