• Tips – Now Rehomed

    Tips came in from a vets practice following the owner not wanting to keep her despite her owner taking the her to the vets and paying for surgery. Upon the time of discharge the owner felt she could not provide the after care required. It would seem that the injuries were caused by the kitties tail being ...
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  • Cher – Now Rehomed

    Pretty little Cher has been a long time stray in Bradford for several months and has now at last has found safety, love and warmth @BCWR. Poor Cher is heavily pregnant and despite her young age we believe this not to be her first pregnancy… however it will be her last. Cher can now relax and await ...
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  • Forest – Now Rehomed

    This is Forest. He has been sat in a vets being loved and looked after awaiting a rescue space since Friday. He was taken to the vets by the RSPCA as a stray with a burst abscess on his neck. Following antibiotics and pain relief at the vets Forest is now comfortable and settling nicely into rescue life. He ...
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  • Stanley – Now Rehomed

    Stanley is only around 6 to 7 weeks old and was found on the side of a busy road in Pudsey. Poor Stanley is covered in fleas , is pale with anaemia caused by the fleas and rather dehydrated. Volunteers will be nursing Stanley over the next 24 hours to try secure his health.
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  • Magnolia and Kittens – Now Rehomed

    This is Magnolia and her little saplings… Maple, Fern, Olive and Cedar. Mummy Magnolia is suspiciously pregnant again despite her kittens only being 4 to 5 weeks old. They were living in a family home and were thankfully all unwanted by their owner. They are all covered in fleas, had a heavy worm burden and have all had ...
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  • Merton – Now Rehomed

    This is Muscle Mog Merton.. he is around 1 to 2 years old and has been living stray in the West Bowling area of Bradford for several months. It is believed that Merton was involved in an RTA in the last few months and sustained injuries to his face and leg. Merton will be checked out at ...
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  • Can-Can (Contains graphic images) – Now Rehomed

    Can-Can is only around 5 month old. She was taken to a vets in Leeds following being found apparently stray. We believe that she had a very old and tightly dressed bandage on her leg which had been left and resulted in these horrific injuries. The leg is almost totally degloved which means the fur, skin, soft tissue ...
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  • Pakeezah – Now Rehomed

    Pretty Pakeezah is around 7 weeks old and arrived unannounced at the rescue. She was found by someone who states she was stuck behind the a wall of an indian food store in Bradford for over 12 hours prior to being rescued. There are no sightings of mum or siblings sadly.
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  • Timmy – Now Rehomed

    Timmy is around 5 months old and is a sweet natured and loving boy who seeks much affection and love. He was allegedly found by a taxi driver and dropped off at a vets claiming him to be stray. He has no microchip, is not neutered and is from the BD5 area of Bradford. We will keep little ...
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  • Rufus – Now Rehomed

    This is 14 year old Rufus… and today has been a sad day for both Rufus and his elderly owner. Sadly Rufus’ owner has stumbled upon hard times and due him being an ex service man he is receiving support through the British legion. Part of the support package is to rehouse this poor gent and his ...
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  • Hannah – Now Rehomed

    Hannah is around 4 months old and had been living stray for quite some time, she was taken in by a kind family. Unfortunately a member of the household developed severe allergies and they sought help to find Hannah alternative accommodation. Hannah is a quiet yet sweet natured little lady who is now looking for a new ...
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  • Cartwright and Kittens – Now Rehomed

    Over the last few days volunteers have been out day and night attempting to safely catch this mummy, who we called Cartwright and her kittens. Initially we caught one kitten, then another two. Finally we caught mum. The kittens are only around 8 weeks old and have obviously had no human contact however Cartwright is extremely sweat ...
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  • Jaffa and Kit Kat – Now Rehomed

    This is Jaffa And Kit Kat . They were found at the roadside on a busy main road in Bradford huddled into the kerb. They have had horrendous flu, a heavy flea infestation and are now fully recovered and looking for their furever family.
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  • Anne, Emmott and Mia – Now Rehomed

    This is Anne, Emmott and Mia. They are 9 weeks old and sadly covered in fleas. Unfortunately this is becoming a common occurrence f…or many of our new admissions and they are already showing signs of anaemia, and lethargy. This trio have already had emergency treatment, and been treated for fleas. We hope that in ...
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  • Socks – Now Rehomed

    This is 15 year old Socks who up until 48 hours ago was an owned pet, however following an accident her owners no longer wanted her anymore and took her to the vets to be euthanaised. The vets contacted us to see if we could help and we collected later that day. The vets had to anesthetise, ...
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  • Marble – Now Rehomed

    This is 4 year old Marble. Marble is believed to be severely visually impaired or possibly entirely blind. He was living with an isolated and poorly lady who felt unable to offer him the care he needs. Marble will be seeking sponsorship during his time at the rescue.
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  • Jerry – Now Rehomed

    This is little Jerry, he is around 9 weeks old and was found in a shoebox, covered with a plank of wood, weighted by a brick in a park in Bradford. Poor Jerry is riddled with fleas however when he is feeling better we hope he will soon be available for rehoming.
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  • Denzel – Now Rehomed

    This is 10 week old Denzel. Such a sweet boy but sadly an unwanted gift. Denzel will soon be looking for a new home.
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  • Peanut and Raisin – Now Rehomed

    These poor babies named Peanut and Raisin are around 3 weeks old and were orphaned around a week ago. Their finder has done everything to try locate their mother however this has proved unsuccessful. These little babies will be nursed around the clock by volunteers here at BCWR.
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  • Peridot – Now Rehomed

    Peridot and her 4 little gems were dumped in a box in the Bradford Pets At Home store. The kittens were not even a day old. The store immediately contacted us to see if we could help. When we arrived minutes later at the store mum looked understandably bewildered and exhausted… several hours later, settled at the rescue ...
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  • Olympia – Now Rehomed

    Olympia is back😣 Poor Olympia . After 1 week she was settling into life in her new home however her new family felt unable to keep her due to them owning a pet guinea pig and as kittens do, she showed an interest in the guinea pig with left them concerned. We did provide much support and advice ...
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  • Tango – Now Rehomed

    This is 2 year old Tango. Tango was found wandering the streets of Bradford and was taken to a vets in Bradford. He is neutered and microchipped however the chip details are not updated and are registered to an address in Liversedge ( Tango is not his chip registered name). Though we are very full Tango ...
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  • Usain – Now Rehomed

    Usain is a young adult neutered male who unfortunately does not have a microchip. Bless his little heart he has been trying to make friends with the new occupants of the house he used to live in before his owners abandoned him. The new occupants were so cross with his insistence to move back ...
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  • Gloss and Glow – Now Rehomed

    Gloss and Glow
    This is Gloss and Glow. They were found dumped in a bin in the Bd4 area and at their tender age of around 7 days old their little fragile bodies will require our around the clock care. They will be fed over night every 30 mins … little and often and then when their little digestive systems ...
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  • Maddock – Now Rehomed

    Maddock has just arrived in the rescue. He is around 11 years old and was a much loved and spoilt pet. Maddock owner had an unexpected change in circumstances which meant he could no longer care for him. Due to the age and temperament of Maddock we hope he will become a much loved ...
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