• Butterfly – Now Rehomed

    Butterfly is around 3 months old and was collected as a stray by the RSPCA and taken to a vets in Bradford. Despite her slightly sore eyes the vets did not want to resort to euthanasia.. as she was too young to be re released into the neighbourhood where she was found. The vets contacted us to ...
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  • Ainslie

    She is around 8 weeks old and has a dreadful eye infection. Although her history is completely unknown she was found wandering the streets of Bradford all alone for a few weeks before she was caught. We hope Ainslie will recover well and soon be available for adoption.
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  • Serena and Venus- Now Rehomed

    2016-08-14 (2)
    8 week old Serena and Venus were rescued by a relative of the owner, after the owner threatened to dump them in a field!!!!! These horrid people have allowed their kitties to have multiple kittens in the past, then sold them. We have provided the relatives with neutering advice and just hope they will follow through and ...
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  • Brownlee – Now Rehomed

    Brownlee is around 10 weeks old and has been living in unsuitable conditions in a garden and darting under cars for shelter. Apart from being a little grubby and hungry he appears in relatively good health. We hope Brownlee will soon be available for adoption.
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  • Ennis – Now Rehomed

    Ennis is around 8 weeks old and was found frightened, hungry, unwell and weak in the Bradford area. She is currently in our Pawspital being nursed by 2 of our dedicated volunteers and hopefully in the near future will be available for rehoming.
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  • Rio – Now Rehomed

    Rio arrived following being found in a car engine in Bradford. He was taken immediately to the vets to check for injuries and the worst the found was he was riddled with fleas. He is around 8 weeks old and will soon be available for adoption.
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  • Tiara

    Tiara has been living in the streets of Bradford for quite some time. Residents recently noticed her ballooning.. and contacted us. She is heavily pregnant and will have her kittens in the safety of the rescues Caternity unit when the time comes. Tiara has given birth to 5 beautiful kittens, after a few complications mother and kittens are ...
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  • Beaches – Now Rehomed

    Beaches is around 12 weeks old and her history is completely unknown however we do know that her previous owner was not an animal lover… and needed “rid” of her immediately. Despite bursting at the seams we had no option in rescuing her. Beaches will undergo a period of assessment then she will be ...
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  • Fab – Now Rehomed

    My name is Fab… and I’m all alone. I was hand reared by Mommy Katie from a young age … and all my family have been rehomed…. I am 9 weeks old and looking for my very own fur-ever family.
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  • Tropica – Now Rehomed

    Tropica is a young cat who was abandoned by her owners when they moved house. Sadly Tropica is heavily pregnant. Tropica will remain in the Caternity Unit here at BCWR until she has her kittens. She will be surrounded with love, compassion and can relax in the safety of the rescue where she will never have to ...
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  • Sweeny – Now Rehomed

    Little Sweeny is now looking for a home. He is a sweet natured quiet boy looking for a loving home. Sweeny is around 12 weeks old.
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  • Ash and Misty – Now Rehomed

    Ash and Misty
    Ash and Misty have just arrived following being dumped in a garden. They were taken to Northcote vet’s who contacted us to see if we could help. They are both around 12 weeks old and are now looking for home.
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  • Lunar

    What a surprise we had last night when we arrived back from collecting 4 motherless kittens…. A neighbour dashed over to tell us that they thought they had witnessed a motorist stop outside and dump a loose kitty in our garden… it didn’t take long for us to find her. Lunar is around 8 months old and ...
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  • Kermit – Now Rehomed

    Kermit is around 12 weeks old and has apparently been abused and left in a garden… Whilst it is sometimes difficult to distinguish the truth behind the history of kitties brought into our care, Kermit has arrived with substantial mobility issues which are either from cruelty, an accident or even neurological problems. Kermit will be assessed ...
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  • Marina, Barge and Banks Now Rehomed

    Marina Barge and Banks
    This is Marina, Barge and Banks….. they were found in a cardboard box dumped on the side of the canal. They are around 6 weeks old and currently very frightened. We hope to get them into foster care as soon as possible so that they can experience real love in a family home. In ...
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  • Boris – Now Rehomed

    Boris was handed into a local vets at the beginning of July by an RSPCA inspector. He has a horrific burst abscess wound on his face which remains infected. Boris is currently on pain relief and antibiotics. Boris is a sweet boy and when he recovers from his injuries he will be neutered then available for rehoming.
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  • Virginia – Now Rehomed

    This is Virginia. Virginia was taken to a vets in Bradford as an injured stray at the beginning of July. Around her head and neck area there are significant wounds which are consistent with cigarette burns. Virginia will be seen by our vets at the earliest opportunity for a full assessment. Virginia Update Virginia arrived with us on 10th ...
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  • Poddington – Now Rehomed

    This is Poddington. He is around 10 weeks old and was found several weeks ago in Leeds. Every attempt was made to find his owner however this was not successful. Poddington will remain in the rescue for a week for a period of assessment then should be available for rehoming.
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  • Haze – Now Rehomed

    Haze is a young cat around 6 months old and believed to be pregnant. She was living in the streets in Bradford for several months as a stray. Unfortunately Haze appears to be visually impaired and will be fully assessed by our vets this week.  News from the Caternity Unit here at BCWR Haze has given birth to 2 ...
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  • Leo – Now Rehomed

    Here at BCWR we like to think ourselves to be unshockable, however poor Leo’s story is an example of the most sinister neglect. We received a phone call today from his distressed owner stating her cat was injured a week ago, was taken to the vets with seemingly non life threatening injuries and told us that ...
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  • Blodwyn and Evan

    Blodwy and Evan
      Blodwyn and Gwenta are around 5 to 6 weeks old and were collected by volunteers at the end of June. They were found in a garden in Dewsbury.. we have been assured there is no mummy cat hanging about however the finders will be keeping an eye out for her. The kittens were filthy, distressed ...
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  • Redex – Now Rehomed

    Redex was found in a car Engine after being trapped for over 24 hours. Once the owner of the car was identified it took a mechanic some time to free him. Amazingly Redex appears to have escaped serious injury however we will have to bath him a few more times to endeavour to remove the oil. We have ...
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  • Little Miss Sunshine – Now Rehomed

    Little Miss Sunshine
    This is Little Miss Sunshine. Sunshine and her 5 little Sunbeams arrived at the rescue in mid June, apparently after being found in a shed. The kittens are around 2 days old. She was taken to the vets to be checked for a chip and frustratingly there was no chip detected… and the vets advised just ...
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  • Equinox – Now Rehomed

    This is Equinox. Equinox was found in a property by the landlord following the tenants leaving unexpectedly. She is around 9 to 10 weeks old. Other than being a little hungry and a heavy worm burden, which she has now had treatment for, Equinox seems in reasonably good health. She will hopefully soon be available for rehoming.
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  • The Flower Kittens – Now Rehomed

    Flower Kittens
    These 4 kitties arrived @ BCWR in mid June following being dumped in a garden in a sealed box in Allerton. Rose, Daisy, Dandelion and Sweet Pea are approximately 8 weeks old and after a short period of assessment they will available for rehoming.
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