• Haze – Now Rehomed

    Haze is a young cat around 6 months old and believed to be pregnant. She was living in the streets in Bradford for several months as a stray. Unfortunately Haze appears to be visually impaired and will be fully assessed by our vets this week.  News from the Caternity Unit here at BCWR Haze has given birth to 2 ...
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  • Leo – Now Rehomed

    Here at BCWR we like to think ourselves to be unshockable, however poor Leo’s story is an example of the most sinister neglect. We received a phone call today from his distressed owner stating her cat was injured a week ago, was taken to the vets with seemingly non life threatening injuries and told us that ...
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  • Blodwyn and Evan

    Blodwy and Evan
      Blodwyn and Gwenta are around 5 to 6 weeks old and were collected by volunteers at the end of June. They were found in a garden in Dewsbury.. we have been assured there is no mummy cat hanging about however the finders will be keeping an eye out for her. The kittens were filthy, distressed ...
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  • Redex – Now Rehomed

    Redex was found in a car Engine after being trapped for over 24 hours. Once the owner of the car was identified it took a mechanic some time to free him. Amazingly Redex appears to have escaped serious injury however we will have to bath him a few more times to endeavour to remove the oil. We have ...
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  • Little Miss Sunshine – Now Rehomed

    Little Miss Sunshine
    This is Little Miss Sunshine. Sunshine and her 5 little Sunbeams arrived at the rescue in mid June, apparently after being found in a shed. The kittens are around 2 days old. She was taken to the vets to be checked for a chip and frustratingly there was no chip detected… and the vets advised just ...
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  • Equinox – Now Rehomed

    This is Equinox. Equinox was found in a property by the landlord following the tenants leaving unexpectedly. She is around 9 to 10 weeks old. Other than being a little hungry and a heavy worm burden, which she has now had treatment for, Equinox seems in reasonably good health. She will hopefully soon be available for rehoming.
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  • The Flower Kittens – Now Rehomed

    Flower Kittens
    These 4 kitties arrived @ BCWR in mid June following being dumped in a garden in a sealed box in Allerton. Rose, Daisy, Dandelion and Sweet Pea are approximately 8 weeks old and after a short period of assessment they will available for rehoming.
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  • Snuggie- Now Rehomed

    This is Snuggie Snuggie was a stray a few years ago and was kindly taken in by an elderly lady who made sure he was neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. Unfortunately last week he was involved in an RTA and over the last few days his elderly carer realised she couldn’t cope with his heightened care needs. Here at ...
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  • Candy, Cane, Doughnut and Floss! – Now Rehomed

    Candy, Cane and Doughnut
    Candy, Cane and Doughnut have just arrived with us at BCWR and have been reunited with Floss.. their sister. They were separated as mum rejected Floss and the owner could not cope. Mum has now rejected the whole family and the owner asked if we could help. Mum has been neutered and we will nurture the kittens. These ...
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  • Annie – Now Rehomed

    Ollie and Annie
    Ollie and Annie arrived in the rescue in Mid June at around 6 weeks old. They were living in unsuitable conditions in the Bradford area. Ollie has found his forever home and little Annie is now looking for her furever family.
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  • Delilah Dash – Now Rehomed

    Delilah Dash Little Delilah is just over a week old and is the only surviving kitten of her little litter. We know nothing regarding the history of these kittens except they were dumped at another cat rescue in Bradford at around 1 day old with no mum. The rescue contacted us as they did not feel equipped to ...
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  • Little Bo Peep

    Bo Peeep
    This is Little Bo Peep. Bo Peep was found petrified under a house at the beginning of June by the home owner. Bo was taken to a vets in Leeds who have provided care for her. Little Bo Peep is a very special lady as she is only 12 weeks old and is almost blind. The reason ...
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  • Hal – Now Rehomed

    This is Hal, he arrived in the rescue in mid June. Hal is an entire male cat.. not particularly young, found in the BD5 area following a road traffic accident. He may have also been involved in a fight with another cat too as he has a significant puncture wound to his leg. Hal has been ...
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  • Bumble, Buzz and Bee – Now Rehomed

    Bumble, and her 2 kittens were living in unsuitable conditions in a garden in Bradford. They arrived in the rescue in mid June. Bumble may possibly be pregnant again and this will be assessed at the earliest opportunity. Her kittens Buzz and Bee are around 5 weeks old and need a veterinary assessment.. Buzz and Bee are now ...
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  • Elvis – Now Rehomed

    Elvis is around 10 weeks old and was handed into our vets at the beginning of June. Elvis is now looking for a new home.
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  • Ice Lolly Kittens – Now Rehomed

    2016-06-09 (2)
    These 5 kittens arrived in the rescue in early June following their mum being rushed to the vets having multiple seizures. The owner isn’t overly understanding of the needs of cats and was not in a capable position to take on the role to care for these kittens as they also need much care and veterinary ...
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  • Sorbet – Now Rehomed

    sorbet and kittens
    This is Sorbet and her 4 kittens that arrived in the rescue at the beginning of June. we were contacted earlier from a MOP concerned that children had knocked on his door trying to sell a kitten. The man bought the kitten for £5 however was unable to care for her because of her young age and ...
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  • Jamaica – Now Rehomed

    Jamaica is around 4 weeks old and was handed to a large animal welfare organisation who subsequently took her to Yorkshire vets to be euthanaised due to her having moderate cat flu symptoms. Staff from Yorkshire Vets, Thornbury contacted us to see if we could help. We collected her at the beginning of Juneand settled her into ...
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  • Cherry – Now Rehomed

    We believe Cherry is around 5 to 6 months old and she has come into the rescue at the end of May following a telephone call from a M.O.P. claiming that Cherry has been living stray for several months and she had been mistreated. Whilst there is no evidence to suggest abuse, Cherry has certainly been ...
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  • Fanny – Now Rehomed

    This is Fanny, she arrived in the rescue at the end of May. Fanny is a young cat believed to under one year old. Poor Fanny is heavily pregnant and has been living stray in Leeds for quite some time. Fanny can now relax and await the birth of her kittens in comfort and surrounded by love.
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  • Fleur – Now Rehomed

    This is Fleur. She was brought to us by a volunteer at PAWPRINTS rescue. Fleur is around 4 to 5 weeks old and she was being taken round properties in the BD7 area by a woman knocking on doors attempting to sell her for £5.00 Fleur will be nursed by volunteers in the rescue around the clock ...
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  • Shellie – Now Rehomed

    SHELLIE arrived in the rescue at the end of May following being found stray in the Mirfield area 2 weeks ago and taken to Calder vet’s. Shellie has sustained what we believe to be a tail pull injury causing an accidental amputation of the tail. What’s left of the tail is not healing well however therefore we ...
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  • Divine – Now Rehomed

    We were contacted by the Cat Protection HQ following us being highly recommended by another animal welfare organisation and described as having excellent facilities and 24 hour supportive care. An elderly lady of 85 years old was in a desperate situation and contacted them for guidance. This mummy cat had given birth to 3 kittens a couple ...
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  • Ellie – Now Rehomed

    This is Ellie, she arrived in the rescue in early May. Ellie was found in a property by a worker from Leeds city council, she had been abandoned. When they first rang round rescue centers and organisations in Leeds the advice was to have her kittens aborted howeve,r and thankfully the housing officer chose not to heed ...
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  • Winston – Now Rehomed

    Winston was taken into a vets after being found playing in a busy road… chasing cars … in Bradford. He has severe conjunctivitis and other mild flu symptoms. Winston is only around 3 months old. When Winston is fully recovered he will be looking for a furever home.
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