• Twirly – Now Rehomed

    This is Twirly. Twirly was the only surviving kitten of Poppy who was dreadfully ill following the birth of her kittens. Since her birth we have been feeding Twirly around the clock every 2 hours…. Although Poppy has miraculously recovered we are continuing with Twirlys care as it would be unfair to try reunite Twirly and Poppy. Twirly ...
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  • Dennis – Now Rehomed

    Adorable Dennis is around 14 weeks old and is looking for his new home. Dennis arrived at the rescue around 3 weeks ago.following being dumped at a vets practice in Leeds. Dennis is sweet, playful and affectionate.
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  • Maxi – Now Rehomed

    mini, midi, maxi
    Mini, Midi and Maxi were found in a box in a skip on a building site in Bradford. They are around 2 weeks old and are currently being fed every hour until they get used to the milk and the bottles when their feeds will then continue at around 2 hourly intervals. Volunteers will be nursing these ...
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  • Wendy, Wibble, Wobble and Wiggle – Now Rehomed

    Wendy and kittens
    This is Wendy and her 3 adorable kittens Wiggle, Wibble and Wobble. They were all neglected and unwanted owned pets. When they arrived they were barely breathing as they had been transported in an air tight container. We administered emergency treatment and within a few minutes they were much brighter. All the kittens appear to have neurological issues affecting ...
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  • Cloud – Now Rehomed

    Cloud arrived in the rescue in mid April, she is around 6 weeks old and was apparently found in an Asda car park in Leeds. She appears in excellent condition. In a few weeks Cloud will be looking for her furever home.
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  • Teddy – Now Rehomed

    Teddy arrived at the rescue in mid April, he is around 9 weeks old and was found wandering around the Bradford area for quite a few days. Teddy has no chip or collar and will soon be looking for a new home.
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  • Velux – Now Rehomed

    Velux arrived in the rescue in mid April. she is around 12 to 14 weeks and has sustained dreadful injuries when she became trapped in a tilt and turn window for up to 40 minutes. Velux received emergency care and pain relief .. and will be accessed by our vets at Northcote where we hope that ...
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  • Skittle – Now Rehomed

    Skittle and Rainbow
    Skittles (mum) and Rainbow(kitten) BCWR KITTENS prides itself on the 24 hour intensive and supportive care that we provide when required. A vet friend of the rescue contacted us at around 11pm to ask if we could help with a terrible situation involving an owned cat whom without their quick thinking and compassionate interventions. .. the owner ...
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  • Sugar – Now Rehomed

    Sugar and her 3 one week old kittens arrived following being found stray at the beginning of April There is little known about her history but on arrival they were riddled with fleas and mum seems a little anxious.
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  • Wonka – Now Rehomed

    This is “Wonka”. Poor Wonka is not a young cat and has apparently been left outside when his owners moved house. Wonka has a significant head tilt which was assessed by our vets at Northcote. The cause of this condition is a mass deep in his ear canal. Wonka will undergo surgery at a later date. Wonka and Wonka ...
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  • Sampson – Now Rehomed

    Poor Sampson is 3 years old and was an owned pet. He arrived in the rescue at the end of March. His previous owners of 3 years failed to follow their vets advice regarding a simple wound on the pad of his paw and took matters into their own hands. They failed to attend an appointment for ...
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  • Bunny – Now Rehomed

    This is beautiful Bunny. Bunny arrived at the rescue heavily pregnant having been found in a dreadful state a few weeks ago by a member of the public. The finder of Bunny contacted another rescue prior to us … the response she got is pictured below and is shocking. We were then contacted for advice by the finder….. ...
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  • Woody – Now rehomed

    Weary Woody has just arrived at BCWR. It is not often that we are contacted several times in a day by different people about one poor stray cat. WOODY is an unneutered male around 8 to 12 months old. He is sweet and affectionate and very hungry. He has been wandering the streets of BD10 for quite some ...
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  • Poppy – Now Rehomed

    Pretty Poppy arrived at the rescue in mid March after living stray for several months in the BD2 area. She had been fed by several people locally however when they realised she was pregnant they contacted us. Poppy eventually gave birth to 3 live kittens… and sadly 2 stillborn kittens too. Her labour process was not without complications ...
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  • Ziggy and Star – Now Rehomed

    Two white cats
    This adorable pair arrived in mid March in dreadful condition including being flea and worm ridden, both have earmites, one has a significant wound resulting from a probable old abscess. We suspect that they may be deaf too based on an initial assessment. The kitties are under a year old and soon will be looking for a ...
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  • Sprinkler – Now Rehomed

    Sprinkler and Squirt
    We recieved a call around 10pm on 18th March from West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service. They have been involved in an incident in Wakefield and these two little orphaned kittens were rescued. Volunteers trekked across West Yorkshire to collect these kittens from a place of safety. They are only around 2 weeks old and will receive around ...
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  • Amelia and Kittens – Now Rehomed

    Amelia and her 3 new born kittens were collected by volunteers in mid March as she had been living stray for several months in the BD7 area. She has been fed by a local resident however he did not have the capacity to care for mum with kittens and called us for help. She is now settled ...
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  • Minster – Now Rehomed

    This is little Minster He has been found wandering around the BD3 area of Bradford recently. We believe he is around 12 weeks old. He may be a lost pet however he shouldn’t have been out all on his own in the big wide world. We will make every attempt to try reunite him with his owner over the ...
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  • Little Miss Marple – Now Rehomed

    Little Miss Marple came to usin mid March via the police where they were involved in a child safety guarding case and subsequent animal cruelty… Poor Marple was locked in a cupboard with no light or love. We will be getting her medically assessed in due course and hopefully soon she will be available for ...
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  • Layla, Omar and Sheriff – Now Rehomed

    2016-03-12 (2)
    This adorable trio are mum and sons. Layla, Omar and Sheriff Layla is around 18 months old, and the 2 kittens are just 5 months old. Their owner at only 17 years old was sadly affected by bereavement and is due to move house imminently. This is a very sad situation and we hope that these kitties soon ...
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  • Diamond – Now Rehomed

    This is little Diamond. She was found at the beginning of March distressed in a garden by one of our volunteers. We have now located the owner who informs us that her name is Diamond and is 7 months old but does not really feel able to continue to care for her as she is moving house ...
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  • Monroe and Kittens – Now Rehomed

    Monroe arrived in the rescue at the beginning of March, she had been living as a stray in BD3 for several months and was heavily pregnant. She is sweet natured and affectionate. She has been admitted into the Caternity unit and given birth to six kittens.
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  • Pancake, Pretzel, Crumpet and Croissant – Now Rehomed

    These four adorable kittens are called Pancake, Pretzel, Crumpet and Croissant. They were unwanted pets, around 8 weeks old and hopefully within the next week or so will be looking for new homes.
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  • Snowdrop – Now Rehomed

    This is sweet Snowdrop and was dumped in a pet store at the beginning of March in Bradford. She is between 4 to 5 months old and is looking for a new home
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  • Parker – Now Rehomed

    Parker was taken to a vets in Bradford at the beginning of March with an abscess wound on his neck. He is an entire male and the wound is most probably a result of fighting. We are bursting at the seams but made room for little Parker because the vets only other option was to ...
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