• Cleo – Now Rehomed

    Cleo torti
    Poor Cleo was admitted to the rescueat the end of February she is around 7 years old and her owner has deteriorating dementia and despite there being other cats in the household the daughter caring for Cleo’s owner for some reason felt the need to “get rid” of Cleo. She was booked in to be euthanaised ...
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  • Petrie – Now Rehomed

    Pretty Petrie has been in the care of the rescue for 3 weeks now and has been so very ill. When she arrived she had horrendous cat flu, was severely dehydrated and quite literally was dying. Thanks to the amazing team at Northcote vets here she is looking fantastic and much brighter. Petrie is not currently looking for ...
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  • Talisa – Now Rehomed

    Talisa and her 3 newborn kittens were apparently found outside a residential property in Bradford. They arrived in the rescue in late February. Talisa unfortunately has no milk or maternal instinct either therefore we are hand rearing the kittens and they are being fed every hour around the clock by volunteers.
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  • Soda

    This is Soda and her 4 kittens who are now 4 weeks old. They were unwanted by their owner due to the financial reasons and care currently malnourished. They will be cared for by volunteers in our Caternity unit and in a few weeks they will all be looking for new homes.
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  • CC – Now Rehomed

    CC is around 6 to 12 months old and has been found living in a warehouse in BD4. It is believed she has been there for several weeks and has been fed by All the staff . There were growing concerns for her safety and well being after a couple of near misses with mechanical machinery. The business ...
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  • Cookie – Now Rehomed

    Cookie was the much loved pet of an elderly lady who has suddenly passed away. She is 17 years old and is sweet, loving and affectionate. We believe that she may possibly have sight problems.
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  • Daisy – Now Rehomed

    Daisy arrived at the rescue in mid February she had been living on the streets in Bradford 5 for several months at such a young age. She is only around 7 months and may already be pregnant. Daisy will be assessed by our vets at the earliest opportunity.
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  • Curly – Now Rehomed

    Little Curly, as we have aptly named her is only 4 to 5 months old and was seen fleeing from a burning residential property by the fire service where a lady believed to be her owner was tragically killed. It was only several hours after the blaze that a concerned fire officer revisited the property (in ...
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  • Basil – Now Rehomed

    This is Basil Basil arrived at the rescue in mid February following being a long term stray in BD5. Poor basil has an old severely infected burst abscess wound on his head which will require several surgical procedures to hopefully get him on the road to recovery. He has been assessed by our vets , been given pain ...
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  • Grace – Now Rehomed

    Grace is around 3 years old and arrived in the rescue in mid February, she is adorable and sweet. She was an owned pet but due to an apparent sudden allergy onset the owners were unable to keep her or care for her. It is highly likely that due to her dreadfully matted coat she will require ...
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  • Valentine – Now Rehomed

    Valentine is around 3 months old and was handed in at a Bradford veterinary practice by a member of the public, she arrived in the rescue in mid February. She is sweet and loving and is looking for a fur-ever home.
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  • Manuka – Now Rehomed

    Manuka 1
    Poor Manuka is around 1 year old and has been trawling the Bradford streets for over 4 months. She arrived in the rescue in early February, heavily pregnant. She naturally gave birth to 3 stillborn kittens at the beginning of March, but we suspected that there were more inside. she underwent an emergency caesarean and we were shocked ...
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  • Noah, Moses and Hope – Now Rehomed

    Beths kittens
    Beth gave birth to her kittens Noah, Moses and Hope in mid December, and although Hope had to be resuscitated at birth she made a miraculous recovery. These three are now looking for their fur-ever homes.
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  • Beth – Now Rehomed

    Beth arrived in the rescue in mid December heavily pregnant. All her kittens have now been rehomed and Beth will be looking for her new home in a couple of weeks when she has been neutered. She is such a sweet, loving girl.
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  • Seal – Now Rehomed

    Do you all remember the sad story of the poor Arctic Monkeys. .. well miraculously Seal has fought against the odds and this week has been to the vets for her health check and 1st vaccination. Seal is now looking for a new home.
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  • Tooter – Now Rehomed

    Hooter and Tooter
    This is Hooter and Tooter… mum and son both looking for a home together. Hooter has been with us many weeks and on admission we were very concerned about her prominent and protruding nose which at the time was thought to be caused by either a birth defect or at worse a tumour. After several ...
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  • Milly and Molly Kittens – Now Rehomed

    M&M Kittens
    Milly, Molly and kittens all arrived in the rescue in early February, they were collected by volunteers from a property as they were unwanted and at risk. Mum ( around 2 year old), daughter (around 5 months old) and kittens around 6-7 weeks old. One of the young kittens has mild conjunctivitis and all of them are ...
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  • Sonnet – Now Rehomed

    Sonnet has been living on the streets in Great Horton for several weeks and is heavily pregnant. She arrived in the rescue in early February and is safe and snuggly in our Caternity Room where she can peacefully await the birth of her kittens.
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  • Milly and Molly – Now Rehomed

    Milly, Molly and kittens all arrived in the rescue in early February, they were collected by volunteers from a property as they were unwanted and at risk. Mum ( around 2 year old), daughter (around 5 months old) Milly and Molly are now looking for their fur-ever homes, the kittens will all be looking for new homes ...
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  • Tilly – Now Rehomed

    Tilly is 7 years old and arrived at the rescue in early February. Sadly her family’s change in circumstances meant that they could no longer keep her. Tilly is understandably a little timid and will need time to gain the trust of a new family. Please contact us if you would like to meet Tilly.
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  • Rowse – Now Rehomed

    Rowse arrived at the rescue in early February and is around 3 years old and is now looking for his fur-ever home. Poor Rowse was an unwanted pet due to an imminent house move.
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  • Masie – Now Rehomed

    Masie arrived in the rescue in early February heavily pregnant, she had been a stray for several months and her finders were unable to locate her owners. She has since given birth to kittens who will hopefully be looking for their fur-ever homes soon
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  • Ramsey – Now Rehomed

    Ramsey plaster
    Ramsey arrived at the rescue in early February following being contacted by a member of the public who looks after many outdoor local cats. Ramsey spent a day with our vets at Northcote. He has undergone various x rays and investigations. Poor Ramsey has a complex spiral fracture and severe bruising to his right hind leg. He will be ...
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  • Skye – Now Rehomed

    Skye was abandoned in Lightcliffe when her owner moved house 8 months ago. The neighbours have tried their best to support Skye however were unable to offer a permanent solution. Skye will hopefully be available for rehoming very soon. We believe Skye not to be a young cat though she is very loving .
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  • Peanut – Now Rehomed

    Peanut was handed to a vets practice in Idle as her owners planned and were prepared to have her euthanaised as they claimed she was a nasty cat. The vets contacted us to see if we could help as they were not in a position to keep her long term. She is around 2 years old, is ...
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