All cats and kittens now come with 5 weeks free insurance REGARDLESS of age.

  • Moo and Kittens

    This is Moo and her kittens Angus, Dexter, Jersey and Galloway. This little family have all been affected by cat flu and are alleged strays. The worse news is that mum is pregnant again. Both mum and kittens will be nursed in isolation until the kittens are well enough the be re homed and mum can return to have her kitties in the ...
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  • Tree Kittens

    Tree Kittens
    This is Blossom, Bud, Leafy and Trunks. These kittens are the product of an unwanted litter and we were told that if we did not take them they would be thrown out due to a family dispute as one of the kittens apparently scratched a child!! Thankfully mum has been neutered and they were unwilling to part with mum. They are only around ...
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  • University Kittens

    Uni Kittens
    These 5 kitties were found on campus near Bradford university. They are around 8 to 9 weeks old. We have named them, Fresher, Bachelor, Doctor, Honour, and Master. They will be assessed in the next few days and hopefully available for rehoming very soon .
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  • Kendrix and Rubix

    Kendrix and Rubix
    This is Kendrix and Rubix. This little pair were saved from the fate of a Facebook ad. They are only around 7 weeks old and will remain in the rescue until they are old enough and ready to be rehomed. All our cats and kittens are now rehomed with 5 weeks free insurance.
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  • May Hem

    May Hem
    New arrival tonight @BCWR this is May-hem. Here at BCWR we consider ourselves unshockable however tonight our shock boundaries have been rocked. The living conditions we have just witnessed were the worse we have ever seen… and we have seen some terrible things. We were contacted by officers from West Yorkshire Police who have been involved with an investigation involving an owner of ...
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  • Breeze

    This is Beautiful Breeze. Breeze was living on the streets with her 10 day old kittens in Bradford and was constantly being taunted by a dog. Volunteers popped over early morning to collect them and bring them back to the rescue. Breeze and her babies are now be ready for rehoming
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  • Kunis and Kittens

    This is little Kunis who has just come into the rescue with her five 3 day old kittens following being found in an abandoned car….. there was glass everywhere and the kittens were just laid in it. It took a few minutes to locate mum… however with the help of local young people we managed to track her down.
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  • Tulip

    This is little TULIP and her kittens. Poor TULIP was “found” on a doorstep of a house giving birth earlier today. She has two kittens with her now however at least one had sadly died prior to us arriving. Mum and kittens were very cold however they’re very settled and warm cuddled up together in bed here at BCWR. Tulips Kittens have now been ...
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  • Dreamie

    This Is Dreamie. Dreamie has been living in the warehouse where we purchase our cat litter from for the last 9 months. Dreamie is now pregnant. Dreamie ( and the staff at the factory) can now rest in the knowledge that she will be able to have her kittens in the safety and warmth of the rescue and be surrounded by love.
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    Misty Moo
    This is Misty Moo. Misty has been involved in a serious road traffic accident a few days ago and sadly her owners do not feel able to look after her or foot the veterinary fees for the complex surgery that lies ahead. Misty has a severe break to one of her back legs close to the neck of the femur… We expect the ...
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  • Freddie

    This is Freddie. Freddie is an unneutered male cat, who has being living stray in the Shelf area of Halifax for 3 years. Goodness knows what has happened to his eye.. we suspect serious trauma, causing inflammation and bleeding…. he has been wandering the streets like this for several days and the family feeding him have been unable to catch him. A friend ...
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