All cats and kittens now come with 5 weeks free insurance REGARDLESS of age.

  • Georgia

    This is Georgia Georgia was an owned pet, the last of a litter who was being sold on Facebook for a piffling amount of money. A kind member of the public went and bought her just to prevent a terrible situation that could potentially occur when selling kittens on fb. Once the kitten was safe we were contacted to see if we ...
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  • Naila

    This is Naila Naila was seen being advertised for free last night on a selling site. Whilst taking owned pets is not a priority @BCWR we felt concerned for the urgency expressed in the advert and feared where little Nailas’ fate may end. The lady who we collected Naila from was oblivious to the dangers of giving cats away for free and volunteers ...
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  • Sunshine

    This is Little Miss Sunshine. Sunshine was a stray in the BD9 area and was being fed by neighbours however she was heavily pregnant. She came into the rescue and gave birth to two kittens who sadly passed away. Sunshine has now been neutered and is looking for her furever family. She is a very sweet natured, affectionate young lady.
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  • Freddie

    This is Freddie. Freddie is an unneutered male cat, who has being living stray in the Shelf area of Halifax for 3 years. Goodness knows what has happened to his eye.. we suspect serious trauma, causing inflammation and bleeding…. he has been wandering the streets like this for several days and the family feeding him have been unable to catch him. A friend ...
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  • Jellybean

    jelly bean
    Jellybean arrived into the care of BCWR at the beginning of January 2017. She came into the rescue with her 4 friends that we have collectively named the “Candy Kittens”. The kittens had ringworm and were isolated with a specially trained fosterer with strict infection control protocols in place. Unfortunately JB has a severe neurological condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia which was most ...
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  • Cola

    Here are Pepsi and Cola, two adorable cats that are in desperate need of love and kindness as we have been told that their owner has apparently died. The information we received was a little confusing and conflicting however they are safe snug loved and warm now. Pepsi is believed to be around 7 years old and Cola 19 years old. Pepsi has ...
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