All cats and kittens now come with 5 weeks free insurance REGARDLESS of age.

  • Pop Kittens

    pop kittens
    These 4 kittens are around 9 weeks old and were living in horrendous uninhabitable conditions. They are called Dandelion, Burdock, Tizer and Sarsaparilla. We hope that very soon these 4 kitties will be available for adoption.
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  • Jeremy

    This is Jeremy. Jeremy is around 2 years old and has been looked after like a king for the last 6 weeks by the team at Northcote Vets. On Election Day Jeremy was taken in by the “alleged” owners neighbour who claims he was looking after him whilst his owner was away. The team at the vets were told that he was an ...
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  • Gala

    This is Gala She arrived with her 5 five week old kittens. Mum has been stray for over 2 years and when she became pregnant some one took her in. We bumped into the finder a few weeks ago at the vets, when we provided advice for her to keep mum and kittens safe until we had a suitable space.
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  • Oprah

    This is Oprah. Oprah is a lovely young little girl, around 4 to 5 month old. She has several minor wounds consistent with bites, was covered in fleas and a little timid…. She was also extremely hungry too. We believe she was an unwanted pet that has been attacked by the family dog. Once Oprah is over her ordeal she will be neutered and ...
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  • Breeze

    This is Beautiful Breeze. Breeze was living on the streets with her 10 day old kittens in Bradford and was constantly being taunted by a dog. Volunteers popped over early morning to collect them and bring them back to the rescue. Breeze and her babies are now be ready for rehoming
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