In brief this is a foster scheme for elderly people... cats can have such therapeutic values... for the older community... but the one thing that stops them wanting to take a cat on in their senior years is the worry of what will happen to the cat when they become too ill infirm or pass away.

A Purr-fect Companion fosterer and cat will be carefully and suitably matched.

Through PURRFECT COMPANIONS BCWR will pay any vet care costs if required, transport the kitties to the vets and will always take the kitty back into the rescue when they can no longer care for the cat.

If there is little family support, a link volunteer will be assigned to ensure that things are going ok and that they have all the essentials.

If you know anyone who would be interested in becoming a Purrfect companion please contact us.

  • Rose – Now With Her Purrfect Companion


    This is old Rose.
    Rose is an elderly cat and was taken to vets 4 pets in Pudsey following being found barely conscious by a member of the public.
    Rose is severely dehydrated and unwell. She is on intravenous fluids, antibiotics but despite all this she is currently tucking into a little bit of food.
    Rose will be intensively nursed over the next ...

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  • Maria – Now with her Purrfect Companion


    Recently we admitted a pair of kittens.
    They were only days old and desperately needed to be reunited with their mum and other siblings.
    For over 24 hours volunteers relentlessly fed and nursed these tiny beings striving to keep them alive… and through education and persuasion…the owners of mum and kittens contacted us for help.
    We are very pleased to say that Mum ...

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  • Elsie Thornton


    This is Elsie Thornton… we affectionately call her E.T.
    E.T. was found by a kind member of the public in Thornton a few days ago.
    She appeared thin, tired and poorly looking and took her to the vets.
    To cut a long story short ET is an elderly lady and does have a chip however we have not yet successfully been able to ...

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  • Jacquotte – Now With Her Purrfect Companion


    This is little Jacquotte.
    This poor girl has been apparently stray for months in Bradford and is now heavily pregnant.
    We must take comfort from the fact that Jacquotte will have her kittens in the safety, comfort and warmth of the rescue… and after this litter she will be neutered and will never go through this again.
    Jacquotte gave birth to 4 beautiful ...

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  • Sasha – Now With Her Purrfect Companion


    This is sweet Sasha.
    She is 13 years old and sadly her owner has passed away.
    The relatives tried to take her but it just did not work out well.
    Sasha is looking for a quiet home where she can enjoy her senior years.
    Rescue support is always offered for our senior cats adopted should they require age related veterinary interventions.

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  • Mary Berry – Now With Her Purrfect Companion


    This is “Mary Berry”.
    Mary was taken into Yorkshire Vets on the 5th December following being found injured by a member of the public in his garden.
    She has significant wounds to her shoulder area, otherwise she seems quite well.
    She is thought to be not too young and is a sweet natured cat.
    We will monitor her over the next few days and ...

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  • Cola


    Here are Pepsi and Cola, two adorable cats that are in desperate need of love and kindness as we have been told that their owner has apparently died.
    The information we received was a little confusing and conflicting however they are safe snug loved and warm now.
    Pepsi is believed to be around 7 years old and Cola 19 years old.
    Pepsi has ...

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  • Satsuma – Now With Her Purrfect Companion


    This is 12 year old Satsuma
    Poor Satsumas owner is dreadfully ill and due to a sudden life limiting condition she has had to move into a supportive environment and was unable to take Satsuma with her.
    There are no family members to continue the care of Satsuma and much to Satsumas horror she has been admitted into the rescue.
    We hope that ...

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  • Edna – Now with her Purrfect Companion


    Old Edna was taken to a vets in Bradford following a suspected road accident.
    She is believed to be around 17 years old with mobility issues.
    Edna will be assessed by our vets later this week and an elderly cat profile will be performed.

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  • Fanta – Now With Her Purrfect companion


    Fanta appeared a few days ago in a garden in BD7. Every effort has been made to find her owner however this was unsuccessful and due to her being extremely and heavily pregnant we had to use our creativity and stretchy walls to make a little space in the rescue for her.
    Fanta gave birth to 5 kittens at the beginning ...

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  • Twiglet – Now With Her Purrfect Companion


    This is 11 year old Twiglet who was a very much loved owned pet however due to a change in circumstances Twiglet was at high risk of being put to rest at the request of her owners.
    Apart from a couple of stress related symptoms Twiglet is in good health and hopefully will soon be looking for a home.

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  • Bon-Bon – Now With Her Purrfect Companion


    This is beautiful Bon-Bon.
    She is believed to have been an unwanted owned pet that has had multiple litters of kittens.
    Once again Bon-Bon is heavily pregnant… however this will be her last litter and she can relax in comfort and love here at BCWR and be supported through her birth and motherhood.
    Bon Bon Update
    Bon Bon gave birth to one little elekit… ...

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  • Harry – Now with his Purrfect Companion


    This is Harry. Harry is 10 years old and has been in the rescue quite some time since he was doubly abandoned…. firstly his owner dumped him and his brother Wonka on the streets… and a neighbour took them both in.
    After 6 months or do she didn’t want either of them and was planning to take them to the vets ...

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  • Itch – Now With Her Purrfect Companion

    Itch PC

    Itch is now fully recovered and looking to be a Purr-Fect Companion.

    Itch arrived with us on the 21st April following being handed into a vets in Bradford twice in one day.
    Itch has been stray in the Idle area and is currently being nursed in isolation in a foster home due to an unknown skin condition.
    Skin scrapings and swabs have ...

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  • Zia – Now with her Purrfect Companion


    Seeking sponsorship Zia arrived with us in October 2013. She was an owned pet and had been the victim of a horrific acid attack in her family home and as a result she had to have her right ear surgically amputated. It has taken Zia a long time to gain our trust and we feel it would be unfair ...

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