Caternity & Pawspital!

Please be aware these cats and kittens are not available for adoption at this moment in time.

  • Rose

    This is old Rose. Rose is an elderly cat and was taken to vets 4 pets in Pudsey following being found barely conscious by a member of the public. Rose is severely dehydrated and unwell. She is on intravenous fluids, antibiotics but despite all this she is currently tucking into a little bit of food. Rose will be intensively nursed over the next ...
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  • Orchard

    This is Orchard … Orchard is a young cat who sadly is heavily pregnant and was being given away free on Facebook. We could not risk the potential fate of the future of this cat and her unborn kittens… therefore she was brought into the safety of the rescue.
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  • Buffy

    This is little Buffy. Buffy is around 3 weeks old at the most and was literally dumped on a receptionist at Bradford vets4pets. The finder apparently presented with the kitten declaring that his dog found it. Unfortunately the finder was gone in a flash before reception were able get any further details. Buffy is currently learning how to feed with a special teat on ...
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  • Maria ad Kittens

    Recently we admitted a pair of kittens. They were only days old and desperately needed to be reunited with their mum and other siblings. For over 24 hours volunteers relentlessly fed and nursed these tiny beings striving to keep them alive… and through education and persuasion…the owners of mum and kittens contacted us for help. We are very pleased to say that Mum ...
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  • Shelbie

    This is Shelbie. She is around 1 to 2 years old, heavily pregnant and found wandering for days by the canal side in the Apperley Bridge area of Bradford. Shelbie is now safe and warm here @BCWR where she can have her kittens surrounded by love.
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  • Pouffe and her little Pouffettes.

    This is Pouffe and her little Pouffettes. This little family have been abandoned in a garden in the Heaton area of Bradford and have been struggling to find shelter in several gardens for the last few days. Mum is only young herself, possibly 7 months and her kittens are around 5 weeks. The kittens have a few more weeks growing to do before ...
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  • Babe, Streaky and Smokey

    This is Babe. She arrived after being found in a pigsty with her 2, four week old kittens Streaky and Smokey. All cats and kittens now come with 5 weeks free insurance.
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  • Von Elle

    Von Elle
    This is little Von Elle. Von Elle is a young kitty and turned up several weeks ago in a trading estate in a stray prevalent area in Bradford. We initially believed her to be feral and were planning a trap, neuter and release placement for her however when she was caught not only did we find her to be friendly.. but also ...
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  • Breeze

    This is Beautiful Breeze. Breeze was living on the streets with her 10 day old kittens in Bradford and was constantly being taunted by a dog. Volunteers popped over early morning to collect them and bring them back to the rescue. In around 8 weeks Breeze and her babies will hopefully be ready for rehoming
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  • Kunis

    This is little Kunis who has just come into the rescue with her five 3 day old kittens following being found in an abandoned car….. there was glass everywhere and the kittens were just laid in it. It took a few minutes to locate mum… however with the help of local young people we managed to track her down.
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  • Tulip

    This is little TULIP and her kittens. Poor TULIP was “found” on a doorstep of a house giving birth earlier today. She has two kittens with her now however at least one had sadly died prior to us arriving. Mum and kittens were very cold however they’re very settled and warm cuddled up together in bed here at BCWR.
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  • Dreamie

    This Is Dreamie. Dreamie has been living in the warehouse where we purchase our cat litter from for the last 9 months. Dreamie is now pregnant. Dreamie ( and the staff at the factory) can now rest in the knowledge that she will be able to have her kittens in the safety and warmth of the rescue and be surrounded by love.
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  • Tiny Toes

    Tiny Toes
    This is 3 year old Tiny Toes and due to unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances she has had to come into the rescue. Here at BCWR we do not judge people on their situations we only do what we do with the best interests of the cats in mind. HINDSIGHT IS A WONDERFUL THING! Tiny is currently pregnant however this is her third (and ...
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    Misty Moo
    This is Misty Moo. Misty has been involved in a serious road traffic accident a few days ago and sadly her owners do not feel able to look after her or foot the veterinary fees for the complex surgery that lies ahead. Misty has a severe break to one of her back legs close to the neck of the femur… We expect the ...
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  • Elsie Thornton

    This is Elsie Thornton… we affectionately call her E.T. E.T. was found by a kind member of the public in Thornton a few days ago. She appeared thin, tired and poorly looking and took her to the vets. To cut a long story short ET is an elderly lady and does have a chip however we have not yet successfully been able to ...
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  • Lola

    This is Lola. She has become the victim of her owners unfortunate circumstances. Lola is currently nursing her 5 kittens who are only 2 weeks old. Lola a d her kittens will not be available for rehoming for several weeks and we therefore will not be able to respond to any rehoming enquiries about this little family for at least 7 weeks.
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  • Benni

    This is Benni. Benni is around 1 years old has a significant leg injury most probably broken…. couples with this injury he also has mild flu symptoms too. His owners were very kind however unable to care for his injuries.
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  • Jacquotte

    This is little Jacquotte. This poor girl has been apparently stray for months in Bradford and is now heavily pregnant. We must take comfort from the fact that Jacquotte will have her kittens in the safety, comfort and warmth of the rescue… and after this litter she will be neutered and will never go through this again.
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